I Spent $___ Buying Video Games In Other Countries

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Video edited and produced by Felix Sanchez:

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Background music in order of appearance:
Cuphead – Introduction
Tunic – Memories of Memories
Cuphead – Ominous Interlude
Persona 4 – Pursuing My True Self
Persona 5 – Butterfly Kiss
Persona 4 – Your Affection
Mother 3 – His Highness’ Theme
Tee Lopes – Pure Bliss (GVG Theme)
Persona 5 – Tokyo Daylight
Cuphead – Murine Corps
Persona 5 – New Beginning
Undertale – Dating Start
Mario Vs. Donkey Kong 2 – Music Mushroom Mayhem 1
Animal Crossing New Horizons – Opening Theme
Mario Kart DS – Main Menu
Persona 5 – Beneath the Mask (Instrumental)
Persona 5 – Last Suprise
Mario Party 8 – DK’s Treetop Temple
Mario Party 8 – Goomba’s Booty Boardwalk
Mario Party 8 – Bowser’s Here
Mario Party 8 – Koopa’s Tycoon Town
Persona 4 – Like A Dream Come True

Stock Footage:

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  1. Great fun video! Excellent to see you again!

  2. We in Malaysia finally got our first CEX! Hopefully more stores to come 😂

  3. 12:47 Of course you had to buy that infamous Atari E.T. game, too…

  4. Love the Danish camaraderie with the Nikolaj Ehlers hat

  5. Yeah, I agree CEX is a great place to look for cheap used games. Here in Malaysia too, the first CEX branch just opened last month and i'm so lucky it is near my house

  6. That CeX looks identical to the one near my house..I guess they really do build em' all the same.

  7. Great video. My grandpa is from Denmark, but moved to Canada. I live in Saskatchewan and have never been out out of the country. I will say that Denmark is the country I’d most like to visit one day.

    My question to you: how much of a Winnipeg Jets fan are you now?

  8. When you said you live in Denmark, I (a Dane) literally looked up at my phone in shock. I never knew!

    Tal for gode videoer!

  9. I'm from Denmark, my partner is from Germany. I have gotten soooo much gaming merch in Germany – and because wages are generally higher in Denmark than Germany, it's even rather cheap for me. A set of official Nintendo Animal Crossing magnets for the fridge for checks notes 40 DKK?! Crazy.

  10. Hack your 3ds and play games region free

  11. This video is so wholesome 🥰 I love it.
    Felix! – Live streams when?! 🎉

  12. What a wonderful video from start to finish, I'm glad you had such a great time!!

  13. hahah amateur game hunting, great. Next time try Asia if you enjoyed the VERY limited selection you can find in Europe, there you'll just faint after seeing the first random store.

  14. Is kirby chilling with shin chan on the shelf?

  15. Obviously it's become sort of a meme now, but the ease of hacking a Wii and 3DS means that yes, you could have gotten the US copies and played them with a disabled region lock! =P

  16. Perfect music choices in a great video. It’s nice seeing enthusiasm for CeX, I’m so used to it that I feel the only good stuff it ever has is over-priced, but there is an excitement to not knowing what you’ll see in the window

  17. A nice tip for your next trip Felix. CeX have a website where you can check the cost of games AND their availability, so if you're looking for something in particular, the website can tell you which stores (if any) have it in stock. I hope this helps narrow down any searching you may have in future!

    Wonderful video and you shouldn't be embarrassed about the amount you spent. Games are your hobby and your career, spend your hard earned cash how you wish and enjoy it!

  18. Compelling to watch your triumph buying these games in different countries throughout. Hope you enjoy them all!

  19. The 🐐. Yeah, there’s something romantic about this hobby.

  20. Of all the places in Canada, why Winnipeg? Thanks for the lovely video.

  21. Love the use of Persona music in the video! This was a cool trip and I’m glad you had a great time. 😊

  22. Every game has a story, and the journey is fascinating. Hopefully many more adventures to come

  23. …So they're just called C.E.X. Shops, where everyone just calls it by its initials?

    My immature American brain sees that store logo and I want to say out loud where every random passer-by can hear me say "Let's go to the Sex Shop"

  24. My Son works in CEX ..he's such a fan of games and works hard to understand the customers needs.. thank you Felix Jon and Zeon ❤

  25. From Sweden here. I feel your pain with the lack of game stores here in the Nordic countries.

  26. OMG! You were actually in my hometown! PNP Games is my go to place for retro games

  27. Now this is some wholesome content right here

  28. How can you not love Felix? This video is SO GOOOOOD. I want to see more of the footage from Comic Con!

  29. I felt old watching this video LOL

    Mario vs. Donkey Kong is not “the game that started it all” btw. Those credits go to DK94.

  30. I will always cherish the feelings of starting out collecting thanks for showing me the start of your journey

  31. I love the retro gaming content you have all produced! Keep it up! 😀

  32. Oh you have a LOT of subscribers thats great that pays your flight 😊

  33. 7:36 i seee DS CONTACT i just picked up the PAL version lol also i heard PnP games online store 😊 great video

  34. I found Kid Icarus Uprising for 10 euros at a 5 minute ride from home (in Belgium). No box or manual though, but still a good deal 😊

  35. This was incredible Felix! I admire how much work went into this video and dang! Proud of you dude! – Craig

  36. this seems like so much fun, and the video definitively translated that well!

  37. 12:20 I actually got the first professor layton in a cex in spain

  38. Having a person on staff with a full Mario vs. Donkey Kong collection truly makes Nintendo Life peak nintendo

  39. Card shark is so good, more people should be talking about it

  40. And you didn't even stop by Hong Kong for video games?! Huge fail! Hong Kong is a great place to buy imports. And make matters worse, you go to Canada to shop for games?! Their sales tax are the worst!!!🤦

  41. Well done Felix! Being half Spanish are also bilingual?

  42. 12:20 The Professor Layton games are so much cheaper at UK CEXs (£3 – £4 for each of the original trilogy). Worth picking up them all next time you visit. An exceptional series.

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