I used 10 COMPUTERS to hatch 500 EXCLUSIVE HOLOGRAM EGGS in Pet Sim X..

TeraBrite Games
I used 10 COMPUTERS to hatch 500 EXCLUSIVE HOLOGRAM EGGS in Pet Sim X..
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  1. Can I have one huge please it’s my dream my name in Roblox UescodeSXB1 please please TeraBrite 😢😢😢😢😢

  2. Crawley’s official YouTube channel says:

    Only OGs will remember DJMoncpoli

  3. P can you give me eggs

  4. the click luck gets only for shiny and rembow not for huge and titanic

  5. Hopefully they participated in the huge chef cat event

  6. Can we just take a minute to appreciate that I am not a bot

  7. hey TeraBrite Games can you help LCLC reach doodle world please his acc got HACKED PLEASE ME THIS FAVERR

  8. Did u guys know that if u get the psx shoulder pets u can get 0.01% more luck from 1 shoulder pet
    Edit 2: great vids
    Edit 3:a dev said it

  9. I went to the trading plaza and I hatched an exclusive egg only one and i got a huge hologram shark

  10. What if it gives you bad luck!? Bump bump bumppppp!

  11. preston looks like a clown rn tf u spend that much and got practically nothing what a joke

  12. Day 3 of asking for a huge pet sus_Erick12345lolsn

  13. I think that clicking will just make the chances of gold,rainbow shiny etc

  14. You should make your hair purple again is it really good❤

  15. I swear this is the most colorful channel and I love it it brings out a smoothie kind of feeling with rainbows in it

  16. i could take some of those huges off your back username: hwflyskydude

  17. You know if you do a quest in my restaurant you can get a free huge pet in PSX.

  18. Hi tarebrite games can I pls have some of those pets if yours don't want them I don't get rubox ever so if you could give me some to the user Winniphoo2267 or Llama_0240 pls it would mean so much to me. You guys make great vids and I
    The best part of your vids is you. You all ways bring a slime to my Face. Thank you for taking the time to make all for your great vids. Bye bye thank s aegin.❤🎉❤🎉

  19. Preston said error pet sim 1 loading so there is a pet sim 1 world in pet sim x

  20. TeraBrite Games Pls give me Huge i so noob UsernamePls😢

  21. I just got my dm cupcake unicorn last night

  22. Smash like for our poor robux..

    Sorry this video took a bit to come out, we had a family emergency that took priority. Hope you understand!

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