I was BANNED from Pet Simulator X after hatching TONS of Huge Capybara Pets..

TeraBrite Games
I was BANNED from Pet Simulator X after hatching TONS of Huge Capybara Pets in Hardcore Mode!
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  1. You got cyborg capycabra cus you are a pay 2 win

  2. Before the update it was impossible to get that much power you could only get that much power because of hacking so the have not fixed that yet and they are now banning pepole now

  3. Why there 2 other youtubers joined i guess thast normal cuz ur youtubers also

  4. Night Foxx was recording by the time he said pick a number 1/5 I know I watched that video.

  5. I got a golden hardcore pet that does 216 k if you want to offer for it my username is raxy1204

  6. Me having 2 fantasy pets because my friend gave it to me
    Me:oh no oh no oh no no no no no

  7. It bans you because it does so much damage that it puts you in leader board and if you do way to much damage like hard core fantasy pets it explodes the limit of the damage it can be and bans you it basically bans you because your way to much over powered

  8. We’re all really just gonna ignore the fact that she has like 25 computers

  9. Sabrina and DJ, your huges are the same as your best hardcore pet

  10. A hardcore pet does a trillion times the damage of a normal pet, in the normal world

  11. I got a huge capybara first try with 4 ultra luck and 4 super luck my user is Mjday14 if u want to offer or something

  12. I got a huge party cat u guys can offer for value is 1,5 trillion

  13. the hc pets are 10t times stronger
    example: normal mode 30
    harcore: 300t

  14. You got banned because that pets are too strong there is chance to get banned

  15. It took Sabrina 8 hours too get one but me and my friend got it first try 😝😎

  16. Everything should be okay because this happened two night fox 

  17. You can only get banned by opening ancient eggs

  18. Who wana offer for 3.5m hard core pet user name roboloxop12

  19. He was banned because he reached the old maximum power because all pets in hardcore are 1 trillion times power it’s fixed now though

  20. The 4 of them are creating a video at the same time

  21. Plot twist
    Sabrina:I'm not lucky
    Game: djmanopoly got banned
    Sabrina: never mind

  22. SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON!! BriteDJHeartBriteSabHeart

  23. Λεωνιδας Χριστόπουλος says:


  24. Btw I’m the person with the 9th party cat…

  25. I have 1.8 mil hardcore pet if you answer I will trade to you for huge any huge

  26. Russo actually made a video of the new hardcore update and came across you and then you ran off and said cya after XD

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