Its Dark! Meme (A Garrett’s Funny Animal Game animation meme)

Rainbow Nyan
welp this took me a while… so… uhhhh… yeah… I like GFAG :] also, Owl DYA my beloved

Ok i have nothing else to say here


Original song by:
inspired by:
Characters: Do You Accept, Paloose Men, PLAY_TIME_2_0 created by JumpMan25. All Characters from the Baldi’s Basics Mod called Garrett’s Funny Animal Game

thats all for today.. see ya


  1. Can any of u draw/re-create Owl DYA in ur own artstyle? I kinda wanna see Owl DYA in other peoples artstyles lmao :')

  2. The way u drew the characters they look so adorable !!! Keep up the work !!

    0:10 oh god not this image agian-

  3. Finally someone who touches grass 🔥🔥🔥

  4. This animation finally made me touch grass

  5. that mysterious verb is very scary im scared now (you’ve earned a subscription by the way)

  6. (Use a translator to write this, I'm Spanish :v) Haha, I love this animation, it made me laugh 😀

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