Jebroer x Yellow Claw x The Game – Party Animals


Today the three mega stars Jebroer, Yellow Claw and The Game drop their new song Party Animals. This is not the first time Jebroer and Yellow Claw have worked together. Earlier they already had great success with their track ‘Nooit Meer Slapen’ together with great Dutch artists Ronnie Flex and MocroManiac, which has generated over 20 million streams.

‘Party Animals’ has a surprising feature of The Game like you have never heard before! The feature of multi-platinum selling American rapper The Game might surprise you but turned out the best way possible.

Jebroer- “We got acquainted via Instagram and I let The Game hear the song. He was hyped about the track and the rest is history. It was great working with one of my favorite rappers!”

Check the track ‘Party Animals’ now on Spotify –

Copyright: 2022 ROQ ‘N Rolla Music BV.

Video Credits:
Video by Bram Knol
Produced by Eject

Copyright: 2022 ROQ ‘N Rolla Music BV.

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  1. Fuck ! The second drop is the f*cking litttttttttttttt.

  2. Ok, so uhm… i swear this song sounds a little different on Spotify. Like… the kicks are really weird in this youtube video compared to Spotify. I don't know how to explain it but they're like more clean on Spotify and ''dirty'' in this music video. 🤨🤔

  3. We live in a Ultimately Shameless World says:

    Onzin hoofdpijn shit dit is geen muziek

  4. love that hardstyle drop! farmer goes gabber

  5. D&B mixed with hardstyle <3 <3 <3 i fk love it

  6. Yellow MF Claw geeft wel echt serieus de jus aan dit nummer… YC weer back?!…

  7. How would they get the game do rap in this

  8. Nice zoo Nice gaa zoo door allemaal strijders

  9. I love this but is there a non harstyle remix??

  10. Mooi om the zien dat JeBroer en Yellow Claw weer eens samen een track maken, de laatste was uit 2012! 😱

  11. Dauerschleife geiler Beat nochmal selbst übertroffen ❤️

  12. Party Animals in Narnia more like it. The visualisations to this is amazing.

  13. Original peace Zeichen, schon lange nicht mehr richtig herum gesehen 😉

  14. Wie had dat gedacht je broer en Game in een nummer van Yellow claw

  15. Geweldig dit! Ik was er helemaal stil van al die mooie herinneringen die weer naar boven kwamen met dank aan Jebroer & Yellow claw
    Dit moeten jullie vaker doen want mis de tijden echt met yellow claw die samen werkte met rappers laatste van yellow claw en Jebroer is rond 2012 als ik het me goed herrinner

  16. The game!? damn nooit gedacht dat ie op zon tune zou jumpen

  17. J adore
    Un petit remix avec Outsiders 😜😜😜😜

  18. Daa hat aber jemand sein spaß😂😂
    Und zu mir meint der, der mag kein techno😂

  19. Jebroer samen met the game in 1 track,
    wie had da nu verwacht

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