Jerma Streams – Pet/Animal Games (Mostly)

Ster/Jerma Stream Archive
Jerma archived Pet/Animal games (The original title of this stream was “Pets and Animals Catagory”, and was originally streamed/recorded on December 12th, 2017)

(Note: This channel is not run by Jerma/Ster, just a couple of fans wanting to archive the streams for a later date, and just for the community of fans.)

YouTube 2nd/Highlight channel:


  1. This has got to be up there, or rather down there, with the Karazhan stream.

  2. "it looks like somebody took a chicken pot pie, put it in the microwave then sat on it"

    …that isn't know you are supposed to make chicken pot pie?

  3. I love how much the people making Miss Popularity clearly hated making Miss Popularity. Yeah, just put in a bizarrely detailed description of a flower plot; who's going to check? Oh, the publisher wants a musical rhythm game? Well, they never said the song had to be more than one note long!

  4. so Jerma is willing to spend 10 dollars on the first game but he won't buy a ps3 controller

  5. 9:18 What? Why did they make keyboard look like keyboard and does not follow Qwerty? It's incredibly confusing. lol

  6. It really upsets me that Jerma refuses to watch more than 1 anime a year. It's just another form of entertainment, I'm really sick of people having such bad views of it.

  7. 2:13:50 Did the female player character just turn male all of a sudden? How the hell do you fuck up something so simple?

    These games are terrible, but i had no idea it would be this bad…


  9. the tiny dogs in the football game were all twice as tall as jeremy

  10. Jerma, What compelled you to write and create the rat movie?

  11. 4:40
    It starts around here if you want to skip the stream in orbit soon part 🙂
    Also don’t mind me, just saving my progress 1:11:29

  12. The reason the last two presets are the same in the vet game at 8:00 is because the developer meant to update the second to last one with a new version, but they chose the wrong slot and overwrote the last one. Nobody noticed and it shipped.

  13. 2:03:50 Gambling addict cannot spend a waking moment without thinking of the slots. What a sad display.

  14. if a game has a dog or cat in it its clearly a pet game

  15. Ah I love games where you can instantly softlock yourself

  16. 2:46:45 is one of the funniest jokes I’ve heard in a long time. That person in chat is fucking hilarious

  17. 2:14:38 the water in that game reminds me of some other game from 20 years ago but I can't remember. Grr… One of the spyro games maybe?

  18. I would have loved to see chat during Mission Runway 😂

  19. the second game is so ridiculously nostalgic for me because I played it on my DS when I was really little but watching this made me realize how funny and bad the graphics are

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