Last CHANCE to Get These Animal Crossing Games in 2023

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We’re just months away from several Animal Crossing games being unavailable for purchase in 2023. Here’s everything you need to know and how you can get get them before it’s too late.

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Thanks for watching this video. I’m Crossing Channel and I create Animal Crossing content including guides, news, tips and tricks, island ideas, update videos and much more on the series. In my videos, I’ll be going over all you need to know about ACNH and the other games too! Leave a comment to let me know your thoughts on this video and check out the links above for even more from me.

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  1. i have the game card for either wild world or new leaf in my house somewhere. also resetti will become gone forever now 🙁
    may his screeching rest in peace

  2. Why do you think they’re doing this? I wanted to play these games eventually but I can’t get all the consoles by march 😢

  3. Pretty sure I bought New Leaf from the eShop last August in a panic, lol
    Bob's gang

  4. I wish they would bring all the prior ac games to the switch in one way. I have them all except for the original (I’ve still never played it ) 🙁 but would be nice to have it all in one place

  5. Nintendo from legends to monsters. How dare they close the eshop on the ds!😢 I love them but they don't listen to the players. I'm going to ✨switch✨ To the Xbox. Sorry Nintendo But I'm going to be a Microsoft gamer.

  6. earlyy! personal interviewer here! let me interview you pls 😤

  7. What about Animal Crossing for the Game Cube?

  8. On the Wii U… Shows Animal Crossing Wild World For The DS 1:00

  9. Sad I was late to the animal crossing hype. Wish they had more content for us 😭

  10. can you still visit other towns with new leaf? or does that dissapear too?

  11. I legit JUST got my Wii U an hour ago that I purchased to play amiibo festival I’m excited!
    Most likely going to be getting wild world on it as well. Bobs gang 👌

  12. Oh man, I wanted to buy NL again but if they r gonna shut down the online service for it… the mini games island is one of the best things.

  13. I was clicking around at the end of the video, and as a result, I heard, "If you made it to the end, be sure to comment, 'notification'."

  14. I have New Leaf and City Folk, i think i'll be good-

    (I don't have gamecube and wild world, since gamecube's villager speech is harsh, and wild world hurts my eyes-)

  15. I don't think going to get these, but I got a new leaf

  16. I'm about to get a 3DS just to get New Leaf. I never had or played it.

  17. Just like with Windwaker…wtf isn't New Leaf on the Switch? Seriously why? Lol

  18. Luckily I already have them all (except the festival one)

  19. I really want a 3ds so I can play new leaf but they are just to exspensive

  20. Bob's gang: I don't know which one of the two was sadder: either the end of Mario 3D All Stars retail on 3/31/21 or the entire 3DS/WiiU EShop shutting down on 3/27/23

  21. I could see them bringing amiibo festival to the switch under on condition; as an April fools release just to be funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 but seriously I really hope there's a collection of ports from the older games just so everyone can experience a taste of what the old games have

  22. I hope they bring these games over to the switch! I wanna try wild world…
    ❤️Bob's Gang!!❤️

  23. if wild world comes to the switch, i will definitely buy the expansion pack

  24. I think Happy Home Designer is very worth downloading bc it offers soooo much more than HHP when it comes to facilities. A school with two classrooms and a hallway, two shops (convenience store and a flower shop) a beauty salon, a cafe, a restaurant, a two floor office building, a music hall and a hotel with two bedrooms, a lobby and another restaurant inside. You’re basically building an entire town. I‘m still miffed that HHP had so much less.
    Amiibo Festival is worth it for Desert Island Escape but this and the other mini-game are also part of New Leaf Welcome Amiibo and so much fun.

  25. I will eventually get a physical game of AC : WW on Ebay and a DS, since I got AC : NL on my 3DS and I don't want to swap always the games for playing them.
    AC AF is another game I will get later this year.

  26. I'm happy to own every game in physical form. But I advise to update your system soon

  27. Ahhhhhh, Amiibo Festival on Wii U is retail only……

  28. You forgot Animal Crossing Calculator and Animal Crossing Clock, 2 VERY important classics that will sadly be one of the games not be able to be downloaded when the eshop goes down.

  29. u can always just download these games through alternative methods.

  30. Long got rid of Wild World and my WiiU, but still have my original copy of New Leaf. Granted I may never go back to it, but won't ever get rid of it as I put well over 2000 hours into it. Was and still is my most enjoyed one and fought tooth and nail until the amiibo update for the now-and-forever-will-be-covered-in-blue-roses town that I wanted (but not really, they spread like wildfire).

  31. I think the bigger thing is to buy a physical copy of these NOW! They are still very affordable, but the way first party Nintendo titles go in value it is absolutely the time to pick them up.

  32. I actually just bought physical copies of New Leaf and Happy Home Designer, I am excited to try them out if I could put down New Horizans for five seconds (I'm still a newbie). Probably going to grab a copy of Wild World too one of these days since you can play it on the 3DS.

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