Leopard Now Playable! Animalia – African Animal Survival Gameplay

Tyrannical Simmo
The Leopard is now playable in Animalia’s Demo!

Animalia, the animal survival game now has a Steam store page!! You can add this upcoming game to your wish list and be ready for when the game enters early access! Below is the link too the Animalia discord, where you can contribute early to the project to gain access to the steam demo.
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  1. Simmo you are the best and please play it a lot

  2. Play testing a it a good game and haven’t seen u play it also check out the discord and yt of the game!! Soon there will be mesh deformation and new foliage and map! The quality is just amazing

  3. I loved the leopard💕💕 (I'm very anxious about the serval) at Animalia I loved the video ❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕

  4. Not sure I’ll ever get into the game. Pretty sure the two call is a noise distinctive to only tigers. So the inaccuracies for already alive and studied creatures is a bit… unforgivable.

  5. Only real gamers remember when the title said jaguar

  6. That's not cuts and scars. That's suppose to be wrinkles. One thing I'd also suggest the game developers do is to not when it's raining make it look like water falling down a window on the screen. That doesn't look realistic to me an if they do it atleast make a blinking animation to clear the vision up again. I love the idea of the game and have been wanting these kinds of games for a while now!

  7. even testing A has better animations. damn they really need better guys to work on anims and models, aswell as sounds.


  9. Well check you out , you tagged GTA V and the video is about Animalia 🤪😂🤣😅

  10. Guys, you know hoy play the game with anticipate access ??

  11. Tyrannical Simmo : Animalia youtube: gta v , take it or leave

  12. Simmo just saw this and I didn't even know this was a game coming out

  13. Really loving the look of this game so far! Im interested in donating to get early access, but I see that there is a Beta Demo and a Alpha demo. Is this Alpha or Beta?

  14. why is nobody talking about how handsome simmo is?

  15. Once they add eagles or secretary birds I’ll be on all the time lol

  16. I hope they allow the cats to grab onto their prey in this like they do in reality

  17. I can’t download it 🙁 there’s just a wishlist and it’s coming soon by me?? I don’t know :((((

  18. Is it to late to support it and gain access to the alpha?

  19. how can you get early access to animalia?

  20. Hopefully they add in cheetahs, hyenas, giraffes and so much more. This looks cool.

  21. The lion at the intro of animalia is just the copy of a lion from ultimate lion simulator from gluten free games

  22. 13:34 there’s a lion and that zebra kicked the elephant so it got scars

  23. M A D A R A う̴ち̴は̴マ̴ダ̴ラ̴ says:

    How can I play this game -O-

  24. i really wanna play this game i cant wait for them to let peaple play it

  25. They need to do something about those crickets

  26. This game is something i am looking for so long. We have enough DayZ and The Forest clones with chunky graphics and complex crafting systems, we need something new. And THIS is what i mean. I just hope they add many stuff to it in the future and fix all problems and don't bury it after a few months like many, many other companies with their games.

  27. it says the game is gta V(GTA 5(For people that dont know roman numerals) under the video LMAO

  28. I hope they add the honey badger, wild dogs and I they don't add the heyna's.

  29. do u know any animals survive games for ps4

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