Lion Gameplay | Primal Earth (2023)

Lion Gameplay | Primal Earth (2023) Early Access Gameplay

Open World Animal Survival Game Work together to increase your odds while bringing up the next generation. Explore, interact, and hone your skills to develop your character and become even stronger.

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Game: Primal Earth


  1. You guys can now add me on Discord if youwant to chat or to give me any video ideas/suggestions for future videos!Discord Username: SIMPLYAMAZINGYT

  2. Will they be adding primates? I feel like that’s the missing piece to all these games as well lmao

  3. What does passice grow mean ? Thats when u die u respawn as the stage u die at?

  4. is the going to be the leopard in primal earth

  5. This game will be avaiable for the others platforms too? Like path of titans did

  6. The male lion looks thin, if that make the arme and shoulders thicker it would look better

  7. Im still waiting for the flyers(eagles, vultures, condors etc.)

  8. Amazing videos❤ the lion looks dope

  9. I like the designs of the Cheetah and lion , I hope we can customize them

  10. Love your videos hope you like or comment again 🎉❤

  11. Lion may be cool looking but I will simply use buffalo to destroy it

  12. The beast lion in this game ❤️❤️❤️

  13. Are the playables gonna be customizable? Like in PoT, or maybe more like the Isle

  14. Bro, the moment you turn the settings on low, it made me sad cause that's the only way I'll be able to play the game T^T

    I don't have a good computer to run high quality games XD

  15. Lion looks great. They need to make the hair of the chin a little more square, because if look at the lion from the side, it looks good, but if you look at it from the front view it looks like the face is really long in a cone shape, and looks very thin in relation to the jaw of the lion. Reminds me of Don Quixote beard style lol

  16. That stamina is actually pretty realistic for a lion

  17. The hair of the mane looks amazing tbh. I have never seen that detail in a game.

  18. Can the crocodile become like 10 meters when you play and dont die for a long time?

  19. I'm curious now if the lionesses have better stam then the males since they are the true hunters. Males mostly sleep all day and keep the territory up.

  20. Male design looks so gergous but i think something is wrong with the mane i mean looks super but why does his hair looks like kinda bush

  21. So glad they fixed the Lions mane! Looks awesome, hopeful this game will come to console in the future.

  22. I have a question if you get born and you got Albino skin but you died and now you restart to a baby do you still got The albino skin or do you have to get another skin

  23. That is so incredibly horrible looking for 2023!!! I can't believe how other than graphics, games haven't evolved since the original xbox, and they still charge the prices they do.. they need a law past, that requires more out of video game designers for the bs prices they charge. I haven't found one game that's even fun since the last Tenchu game that came out for the 360, and that itself should have been way better than it was!! They can't even make a realistic hockey game, its completely ridiculous!!!

  24. why do lion and cheetah movement look so buggy? when you see them for example, the lioness ones are perfect…. Do you know if they will fix this or will it be like this in the final game?

  25. I love how big the male lion is super intimidating

  26. if its stamina drain and recovery rates r so trash then im assuming that its other stats must be pretty high..which is kind of real, lions r far more lazy than lioness..

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