New Animal Crossing Games Coming in 2023?!

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2023 is nearly upon us. This year will mark 3 years since the launch of New Horizons, and even 2 years since the launch of the Happy Home Paradise DLC. Given ACNH’s huge sales, new Animal Crossing games should be on the way, but will 2023 be the year for them? Let’s discuss!

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  1. Lol what if they make a switch port of Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival? 😅

  2. I wanna see another animal crossing to truly be innovated and new, new horizons just felt like drip feeder new leaf content, and less shops

  3. I feel like it’s possible to get the GameCube version on switch due to the fact that Nintendo keeps on adding their past systems on to the Switch. GameCube might be possible in the future.

  4. Bobs gang would love to see some newer stuff also found just yesterday that some of my diy recipes were missing was not happy at all

  5. Yes, Animal Crossing New Leaf MUST have New Horizons bits in it and it is a copy for the NTDO Switch

  6. I honestly think a remaster with qol features of a old game like the game cube or wild world would be really nice to see, and tide us over till the next mainline series.

  7. i think it would be so cool if we could dig into the cliff to do caves and pathways under the cliffs 🤔 also i hope they bring back the light green hair color from new leaf 😭🥺

  8. I'd be hesitant about buying a animal crossing game again after what they did to this one with lack of updates and how the villagers didn't seem as fun in NH than in previous ones

  9. It would be cool if most of the tools didn't break.

  10. i want more buildings around the island… the cafe, police station etc 🙁

  11. Ok hear me out. GameCube's dialog, with attributes from New Leaf

  12. I’d be happy with pocket camp items and a few more villagers, just got new horizons and still really enjoying it

  13. My ideal next game would be more like the older games with lots to do with the villagers, little errands, weird random mini games, and less just an island designer. Marrying the two would be great

  14. Or add to acnh where you can get on pools or tubs

  15. i hope we get a remaster of one of the older games on the switch 🤞🤞

  16. I hope we don't have to buy a new console for the next AC game. I would like to have 2 Mainline AC games on the Switch which isn't too unrealistic considering what they did with Splatoon.

  17. I really wan the personalities to be better and at least one mini game

  18. I'd love to have the music from New Leaf get implemented into the new Animal Crossing game, whenever that comes out. The music on New Leaf was just soooo good. Also I miss my Modern Furniture. 😭

  19. I would also like to see split screen for co-op multiplayer

  20. I got a new job isn’t that sort of a spinoff? 😂

  21. I wish in the museum on the same floor as the Roost and the art gallery, they would add a room for Celeste where we can make constellations in the sky like in Wild World. I also wish that Tortimer's role was more significant, like if we could go to Tortimer's Island for minigames like in New Leaf. We could travel to Tortimer's Island with Cap'n's boat or from the airport, it would fit into New Horizons so well and it makes me sad how big of a demotion Tortimer got. I also wish we retained the title of Mayor instead of Resident Representative. It would just be cooler.

  22. I think they should have a restaurant extension, so we can have a purpose for all these recipes & cooking functions. Also it’s small – but I wish you could mute the music and just listen to the nature sounds.

  23. i just really wish they hadnt abandoned new horizons, i'd so happily have kept buying DLC that added more to do. I don't want to move on to a new game. I want the game I love to be completed properly

  24. Animal crossing is awesome. The vacation theme is fabulous. Please don't down the game.

  25. "not many major releases" Pikmin 4: am I a joke to you

  26. I decided to look it up one rumor said The Next Animal Crossing Has a High Bar to Clear

    It's likely that the next Animal Crossing wouldn't release until 2024 at the earliest, as in the past launches for each new entry were spaced out about every four years or so. Heres to hoping I love caughting the sea creatures, fishing, and bugs watching the aquarium fill up its peaceful just going into the aquarium, hoping some new type of creator would come out to caught I now alot of people want to fill it up once and thats it but I love the set up and I was hoping new fun things will pop up! I even thought up about animal crossing making a basement for little sections of the year like Christmas, Halloween, Valentines day, etc. and for those you have to do some special challenges in order to create each item in the museum to complete the challenge making the basement very festive for each year it would lite up like a party with songs to make it feel like its really that holiday!

  27. New Horizon is the first Animal Crossing game I’ve ever played. If I decided to try New Leaf for something new, would I be disappointed?

  28. It takes 7 years for a new animal crossing. Why should they do ?

  29. Being someone who knows nothing about Gaming, i only play AC, why can't we have another island on the same switch, why wouldn't it just load as a new game ? Or make a new island that somehow attaches to the other one, but obv we can take over all items ect, to build the new, the Res Serv, and shops ect all stay on the original one ect

  30. I am no where near ready for a new game $ystem, and ACNH has enough going on to keep me busy for awhile.

  31. Hey maybe an animal crossing game under the water ???

  32. I want to have more villagers and some little things here and there could be changed. Like shopping in bulk and letting us and villagers ride the rides. 🎉 if pocket version can add villagers why can’t the game even if we had to buy it like happy home

  33. In Wild World, which i played for 6 years, i never got repeating dialogue once. NEVER IN 6 YEARS. Also there were so many things that were left unexplained which created this mystery vibe of the game. You could always explore and make up your own stories. That is what Animal crossing is about, for me personally. They should take New Horizons, and just add quality of life updates and a massive update on dialogue and villager characters and release it as a new game. Maybe Nintendo should watch the animal crossing movie again to remind themselves how the animal crossing magic feels like 😅

  34. I am a Animal Crossing newbie. I just got my Nintendo Switch 3 months ago. So, i am trying to get in the swing of Animal crossing New Horizons.

  35. I wanna be able to use the items. Like ride the bikes or the other stuff. Would love to see the villagers use them too. And my gosh make it less laggy lol

  36. I don't think they will drop another AC Game for Switch.
    Because Happy Home Paradise is one Reason to buy the Expansion Package for the Switch Online Membership.
    But the whole Pokemon Community thought they won't drop another Game after Sword and Shield… They did…
    But the Game is a horrible Bug-Fiesta.

    But I hope they bring New Leave as a Deluxe Edition back for the Switch.
    That would be nice? This could also include the feature to costomize the City and everything else.
    Pete, Shrunk etc. would be back in business again.

    New Leave was a Masterpiece. The Island-Thing is nice… but having a creatable City could be nicer. With all these features from New Horizons. (Instead for the Flowers… I want to pick them up without using a shovel to cut them out to put them into the abyss of garbage.)

    Well… we will see.

  37. A crazy idea I had was what if after you completed the fossil museum, Blathers was able to get his hands on a machine that could bring fossils and skeletons back to life, similar to the Pokémon games? For example, if you brought him another full Tyrannosaurus skeleton, he could put it in said machine and out would come Terry the T-Rex, who could then become a new resident for your island.

  38. I want New Leaf vibes. New Horizon did not appeal to me much.

  39. my wishlist !! 🤍
    – Villagers with more personality!
    • The villagers just seem so dull, I miss when we actually had reason to talk to the villagers.
    – Funkier music!!
    • I personally think the music is what helps gives animal crossing its charm

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