New Fake Kirby games

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Kirby but some fake Kirby stuff happens

CHECK OUT ETCE MY FRIEND he does kirby stuff

THANK YOU TO NOTEBLOCK AGAIN for editing this whole video down!



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Sullied Grace remix by Noteblock:

Mii Theme by Qumu:


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  1. Zignus and Scryne.
    The new Kingdom Hearts characters lookin pretty nice.

  2. "I'm looking for someone born… born from hell itself. A Kirby out of reclaim vengeance. To come- to come from the fire, into the fire and make the fire themself." There so he can repeat back to whatever he said.

  3. 9:40 This one actually is a cool concept. Always felt Kirby would work well with an RPG spinoff considering how much he can do with copy abilities and how many various characters there are in the series.

  4. Wow look at the graphics on Kirby’s hamburger lmao that was funny

  5. i was watching this vid then YouTube decided to reload inside an add so the add became the video i was watching, reloaded to see the video and the name changed XD

  6. Subscribe to Failboat or else his community will burn your house down

  7. ahh I remember scratch when all the 9-year olds would make unplayable fangames

  8. 3:09 as a spanish man, I can confirm that foographics isn't spanish for oof

  9. "Whats poppin my fellow blim blam cereal boxes" is the greatest intro that has ever graced my eyes

  10. Looks like the new kirby game came out early!

  11. What song plays when he plays Kirby Chronicles of Dream Land?

  12. I know this video wasn't just made with one brain cell, it was also made with tears!

  13. I like how the original title of the video was "you dont exist"

  14. 5:24 is literally old flash games where you either dressed up a character or placed down characters on a canvas

  15. 5:07 Somebody needs to make an anime about these two
    I would actually watch that

  16. Ah yes my favorite Youtubers in one video

  17. Lmao when you said 9:12 pm it was 9:12 pm for me

  18. Someone : Don’t force Failboat to give you his bells, he kinda works hard for it.

    Me : i wiill not care

  19. I guarantee even if Daniel thinks a game is disgustingly horrible, he’d never admit it. Not to make the creators not feel bad, but to maintain some sense of whatever if is your trying to maintain.

  20. As someone who’s used scratch, anything remotely good is considered impressive

  21. Hey fail boat if you read this there is a Roblox game called kirbo defense it’s a tower defense game I hope you watch kirbo and it’s a kriby game not official just a fan game on Roblox

  22. I've been on Scratch for 6 years, I love that site. I've actually seen some of the projects shown here. Scratch is a crazy place.

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