NEW Update Can FREEZE Units – Animal Revolt Battle Simulator

NEW Update Can FREEZE Units – Animal Revolt Battle Simulator

Finally, after all this time ARBS has had an update. Unfortunately, there are no new units but it did include more maps that include an ice level and lava. The mod that I use did however get an update with characters such as Choo Choo Charles added. More Animal Revolt Battle Simulator gameplay and sandbox games coming soon so make sure to like and subscribe!

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Unturned Server
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  1. Day 69 of asking fudgy to download my creation TheGaryyInator

  2. That was awesome fudgy I love your videos 😁

  3. Day one asking to make Fudgy a next army killer

  4. hi fudgy i cant stop thinking about the time i forgot your channle but i keep trying

  5. Day 1 of asking fudgy to make a t-rex covered in spikes and has plasma cannon eyes

  6. Day 1 of asking to make army killer 5.
    (Make the army killer a dragon).

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  10. some of the maps,two skys and some foods are from arbs mobile and looks like its a same dev (maybe)

  11. You have a phoenix you send it or no

  12. So arbs mobile is now released on pc noice

  13. Yea These Thinge are realy in the Game gut im playing the mobile Version on my Owen iPad But this is the iPad from my mom and im a boy

  14. Day one of asking for Fudgy toyou play the mobile version Battle simulator

  15. Ah they added the mobile maps and skies for anyone that doesn't know

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  17. you need to go back to the react channel

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  22. Day 999999999999999999999 make a step dad for Barry’s team as a Scrooge unit and call bobbeto.

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  24. make huggy wuggy with lots of guns and flamethrowers

  25. Make a unit with laser guns and make it powerful

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  27. Day 1 of asking fudgy to make T. rex with Plasma cannon in his mouth and spikes on his back and then maxing his stats and with glowing eyes and name him animal killer

  28. Hey fudgy when I put two of the same unit that I made they both literally killed eachother

  29. Oh and your my most favorite youtuber in all of youtube history

  30. Day 1 of asking fugdy to make a T. rex with guns and armor and with arms and the last thing is plasma beam

  31. This update is based of the mobile animal battle simulator

  32. Other persons day, Of asking for the next army color in the giant franchise also, love your videos keep up the good work😊

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