No 2023 Content Confirmed (But They Shared THIS) – Animal Crossing New Horizons

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Now we’re going into 2023, the answer of whether Nintendo would give us a new balloon arch to celebrate the new year has been answered. Nintendo did also share something for players to commemorate the day.

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  1. They need to at least unlock the legend of zelda stuff.

  2. It’s soooooo weird! Like why is the game so unfinished? One Nook shop upgrade and this. I really hope they are working on a great next game.

  3. Adding to the positive notes, Isabelle’s Twitter artwork for the new year is cute (does this count as a silver lining?)

    And BOB’S GANG!!

  4. I just got back into playing New Leaf again and I must say, I'm disappointed in what they left out in New Horizons.

  5. They really should have just made a generic New Year's arch if they were going to give up on updates so quickly, or just allow us to customize the numbers on it ourselves.

  6. Everyone gotta petition Nintendo to bring in a generic balloon arch that's customizable

  7. Sad because they did need to change at least one thing changing in the fridge they should let you put food in it and take it out to eat so dumb

  8. Bob's Gang.
    Happy Boithday, Bob.
    I'm just hoping for SOMETHING to happen in ACNH for 2023.
    Maybe this year I can finish my Happy Home Academy and achieve all those things.
    But what's gonna happen with those empty Nook Mile achievements if there's no update. And how come we only get Hello Kitty and Mario clothes? I'd like other crossover stuff.
    Sadge. Madge.

  9. What really annoys me is Nintendo is still updating Pocket Camp, which was released in 2017 and isn't even available in some countries now due to changes in international tax laws. From what I've heard, they only stopped updating this game so they could put more focus on Splatoon 3.

  10. They should remaster Animal Forest e+. Add amiibo support. It would be so good.

  11. 1% of ACPC, Look how that team care for their customers…

  12. In the olden days, it would have been possible that 2023 would see a NEW animal crossing (three year gap for franchise entries), but now I wonder when we could realistically expect a follow up, or if they’re working hard on major expansions to New Horizons to accommodate its astronomical player base?

  13. Anybody else feel like they are gonna end up adding another major update after saying they arent

  14. I was sad to see no balloon arch this year

  15. I want a 2023 arch so badly, but I can’t find one anymore. I want to get rid of my 2022 arch since it’s no longer 2022.

  16. yay my burn out continues. i can focus on other games.

  17. I'm sad, because I wanted to make an endless row of new years arches, adding a new one each year. 🙁

  18. Nintendo said, y’all are good we gave y’all what you wanted now live

  19. I'm disappointed just like everyone I would of thought that Nintendo for animal crossing new horizons they would come up with a cool balloon arch that would suit 2023

  20. They said last FREE major update, they never said last FINAL major update. They still can deliver PAID dlc, just saying.

  21. This is so disappointing, I literally just got a Switch and ACNH for Christmas.

  22. I noticed that and I'm upset. I thought I missed out on the 2023 balloon archway.

  23. its just sad that they just did one big update and called it quits

  24. It seems like anything cosy just isn't valued.

    I could say more on this but i can't be bothered with the replies that would just be arguing

  25. The way they treated the fan base with New Horizons, kinda makes them really untrustworthy to my eyes with any further addition to the franchise going forward, how fast they ruined our excitement for it, honestly this would never happen in the 3DS era and that era’s management!!!! Also I’m still over here waiting for the rest of my favorite 3DS games to find their way into the Switch system, one day someday..

  26. I'm very upset that Nintendo didn't give us a 2023 Arch. At least give us a New Year's DIY!

  27. hi ben i’m not playing ac anymore i love dreamlight valley that’s my new ac

  28. In January 5th, I think new year celebration 2023 arch will sent to your mailbox, you can read for more information of new year 2023 arch of website but you can search new year 2023 celebration arch furniture.

  29. Bob’s gang. Happy birthday 🎉 🎁 🎂

  30. It was expected, but still sad. At this point I' just hoping for a Switch Pro by the end of 2023 or early 2024 and a new AC game in 2024 that wont lag on busy islands and maybe even give us a rotating camera and better interactions with villagers and friends online. I think the nailed the design features in this game, now they just have to build on that and improve the rest

  31. I’m disappointing how a Nintendo cut off animal crossing New Horizon so soon.

  32. Abandonware 😭 I wanna encourage people to keep on playing this

  33. They're done w this game. They finally realized it needs to have more activities to do i.e mini games, collectable challenges etc.

  34. Happy New Year 🎉 it would of been nice to get a 2023 arch or at least a DIY to make one of our own. Bob's gang.

  35. Hey guys! New here! BTW love the channel! I run a Nintendo news channel and wanted to share a quick Animal Crossing tip! If you ever chose to start a new Island, chose the opposite atmosphere for a new experience. I decided to start my island over on Christmas Day, and was blown away by how different everything is and how everything plays out. Imagine trying to catch bugs to help Blathers with no bugs around! Yup its super interested yet super fun!

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