Party Animals 2023 Official Trailer

Join the party in 2023 on Xbox and PC.


  1. Does this game have LOCAL multiplayer or only online? Up to how many players?

  2. Best trailer and game of this pathetic "game" awards.

  3. This trailer was only two minutes long but it felt like ten

  4. That spongebob reference made my night jajajaja

  5. Tbh the only game that actually interested me in the game awards lol

  6. I will buy this game faster than any other game I've ever bought before.

  7. What ever happened to this year? More delay, I don't mind the wait but like c'mon

  8. Best trailer possible. 10/10
    Makes me even more excited for the release!

  9. This just looks like Gang Beasts with animals.

  10. Looks more stable than rubber bandits tbh.

  11. I'm sold. This looks like exactly the type of game we needed but never even realized it

  12. At last some 2023 GOTY contender. Can't wait! Oh and i dibs on the corgi!

  13. Finally Animal Crossing that doesn’t suck.

  14. 1:01
    am I the only one who got Spongebob recerence?
    "hello, I like money"
    ~Mr. Krabs

  15. I'm literally sold. Never been so convinced in my life.

  16. best trailer ive ever seen. cant wait to get annihilated by a black hole 10/10

  17. I really hope they release it early 2023. The Demo from 2 years ago already felt very good.

  18. Bull S*** best character of the game already.

  19. 2020…2021…2022…2023…2024…2077…

  20. Brilliant! This looks so fun, I can't wait to play!😆

  21. Best game🤩😊😀👍👊🏅very good

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