PET SIMULATOR 4 IS HERE!! (Pet Simulator X)

PET SIMULATOR 4 IS HERE!! (Pet Simulator X)





Pet Simulator X is a Roblox game where you can collect pets, grind for currency, such as coins, gems, fantasy coins, and the new valentines event coins, to hatch and collect even more pets! There are even hard-to-get exclusive pets, huge pets, titanic pets, and even glitched pets. It is abbreviated as psx, but there is something called psz, which is a fake copy: Pet Simulator Z. There are some pet simulator x codes, which are either toy codes, plushies, or other kinds of promotional items. The game can also be abbreviated as pet sim x, and the fake one is pet sim z. Preston from Big Games made this game. Hackers use a pastebin script to try ruining the game, and scammers scam items from players. I have been scammed a couple times. I will add everything in this update worth anything to my value list, which I own. It is called Telanthric Values and has the most accurate pet simulator x values, with shiny pets, titanic pets, huge pets, enchantments, and much more! Some YouTubers do pet simulator x live streams or giveaways! Partners may do signing pets sometimes. Some of my favorite Pet Simulator X YouTubers are RazorFishGaming, Digito / DigitoSim, Numerous, Gravycatman, AlphaGG, and NightFoxx! There are also pet simulator x leaks before most updates. They release new plushies and merch / merch codes frequently! A new pet called huge exquisite cat will be coming out soon! There was a titanic banana as a limited ugc, titanic lucki, and titanic capybara as plushies. Titanic tiedye cat and titanic tiedye dragon are coming out soon. The dog world update is here; they added a new dog world area, huge dog variants, new huge balloon pets such as huge beans balloon cat, new areas, a new stealth / ninja world with new eggs, season 2 dlc gifts, a scary exclusive egg, and exclusive egg #14 (balloon cat egg). There is also a a new scavenger hunt with new secret egg locations, where you can get a huge safari dog!


  1. I think the new game will be called pet simulator W

  2. Day 30 of asking for a huge Pineapple_79913

  3. My user is Macanto75 bc I subbed and I liked

  4. day 2 of asking for huge username = matthijscr

  5. hiiii telanthric can i have a huge i subscribed liked hibeeb12 (day11)

  6. I hope we keep this one for a while but idk i just hope you can play the games i play because your videos are pretty amazing. – user: deathexpired

  7. yo love your vids been watching for a long time
    keep up the good work
    roblox user kyubi_boy.

  8. bet you won’t send it 🙂


    Display – Fire

  9. day 4 of asking for a huge
    dude if pet simulator 4 comes out im gonna be one of the first to play it

  10. You won't try and get to the end

    As if it's here bro😑

    Not even close

    Keep coming bro

    Ok Ur close

    Next one is

    Not it next one tho

    Ok u made it if u did then u know👇

  11. i subbed and like bro im so happy u got ur stuff back also the devs are targeting smaller yt in psx like u maybe why ur parther got reoved cause ur like the 2nd one or 3rd got parthner removed and its small psx yt or the smallest ones so yea

  12. Noooooooooo restarting everything!!! ( ´θ`)

  13. Hi can I have a huge pet please my name is bella2846TVD

  14. pls me if you want first if you do Nate098755

  15. i bought a dragon plushie, waited 3 whole weeks, redeemed the code, and got scammed out of it. The code says it can be used in later games, so will I be able to redeem a new huge dragon in Pet Sim Z? My user is FluffyNutellaDoge btw.

  16. Day 3 of asking for a huge my user is lightbright1025🦋🩷

  17. I want them to do when you buy a gamepass in psx you get in ps4

  18. your videos are very good, and my username:gabrixmaix

  19. Good luck hatching a huge
    User: BearBear050213

  20. Is my birthday pls huge my Roblox username is sifiszak

  21. pls give me a huge i love ur vids user:aristeo223

  22. @Telanthric I sent you a huge shark that said sign or sharky jr dies and you have it can I have it back pls my username is AidenFinn2011.

  23. Day 4 asking for huge user ankheen always watching your content❤❤

  24. I dont have any huge, my dream is to get one my username is bobitzucu20

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