PET VET with NiKO!! Doctor Adley takes care of animals! pretend play pet clinic! Adleys app reviews

A for Adley – Learning & Fun
let’s play some of our favorite apps and games!


HEY EVERYBODY!! Welcome back to ADLEY’S APP REVIEWS!! Today we are teaching Niko how to play some of my favorite games on the iPad! We first started playing toca boca’s Pet Doctor because we both love pretending to be vets!! We worked on a lot of animals like a bunny, snail, lizard, turtle, bird, snake, worm, and even a spider! We had to fix something on every animal and then we got to feed them their favorite foods! Niko was getting the hang of it pretty easily and he was becoming the best vet around!! Since he mastered that game I wanted to show him another game called hair salon! We would get our clients and give them a makeover! Some of our clients looked like our whole family! There was Dad, Mom, Niko, and a girl that looked like me!! Next we tried being professional chefs!! We started to prepare fancy foods for our mom and dad! I really liked making strange new juices for everyone to try! Some were delicious and some were YUCK!! After a long day of working at our three jobs we wanted to relax with a fun game of unicorn catch!! I love that game!!

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