Ranking the Animal Crossing Games (2022)

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Animal Crossing recently got a new game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Today we’ll be updating our Ranking the Animal Crossing Games video from 2018 by including New Horizons.
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  1. New Leaf at 4? Why? It’s better than NH and the others you put higher on the list. I know it’s subjective, New Leaf at 4th? That’s kinda starting a argument here.

  2. My top 3 ranking:1st place – New Leaf: This game is close to perfection, everything is on point, the soundtrack is great, there is minigames, the villagers aren't mean but they still have some personality, there is multiple shops, and… If you let me continue i could keep writing forever. New Leaf was my first Animal Crossing game so i hold some bias, yes, it has some flaws, but still, i think everyone will agree when i say this game is fantastic, i still play it daily. 10/10.2st place – Animal acrossing Gamecube: The atmosphere of this game is something no other AC game can compare, it got my fav soundtrack of the franchise, the villagers are savage, dialogues are funny and entertaining. It was the first AC game ever, so there isn't a lot to do other than the basics. I still play it frequently. The japanese update would prob get a 10/10 as there is many new features on it, sadly i don't speak japanese so i can't play it. The original is still great tho. 8/10.3st place – New Horizons: Now, i'm gonna be honest, i never played NH on my life, sadly i don't have conditions of buying a switch, but i've seen multiple videos about this game. The graphics are perfect, the game got a super relaxing atmosphere, still it seems to lack so much. The soundtrack is completely forgettable, the villagers are extremely soft and bland, the game is all about decoration, what isn't my cup of tea. But the reason why is third it's because NH introduced many new people to Animal Crossing, it made it 100 times more popular, and for that i appreciate it, as it pushes Nintendo to make more games of the franchise. 7/10?

  3. City Folk did do a good job merging Wild World and Animal Crossing GCN, but at the same time, it was essentially just the first two games put together with minimal new features- visiting the Reset Center was nice though.

  4. 1. New Leaf2. City Folk3. Animal Crossing4. Wild World5. New Horizons

  5. Thank you for being honest, this community can be pretty toxic sometimes but i agree on most of your ranked games❤

  6. you made New Horizons way to obvious to be 1st

  7. ranking wild world higher than new leaf put me off the whole video

  8. Ranking game 1 animal crossing New leaf2 animal crossing New Horizons3 animal crossing wild world4 animal crossing original game5 animal crossing city folk

  9. If you’re going to rank this list objectively as you claim then you’re contradicting yourself by putting city folk last by calling it a technical improvement over its predecessors, even if it’s minimal. Wow factor should be thrown out the window as that can be seen as bias in a list that exclusively looks at each game in a vacuum and judges them accordingly.

  10. Wild world is my favourite animal crossing game, but in my opinion new leaf is the best as it introduced a handful of new shops, Isabell, and kapins mini games

  11. Wild World was my absolute favorite. It just had a certain charm to it

  12. This list is quite possibly the worst list I've seen CITY FOLK! At the bottom? And NEW HORIZONS???? AT THE THE TOP? I guess good effort on the video but this list is literally so bad

  13. New Horizons had tons of new features that were awesome. Being able to put furniture outside, design the island craft , etc. But it still, even after its final update, missing so many features that are beloved to the series. You can't expand your shop.a ton, There are no mini games on the islands to play in multiplayer which makes them extremely underwhelming…. New Leaf also got so much support. 4 years after the title was released a massive update just shadow dropped out of nowhere. Yet they are done updating New Horizons and It hasn't even been out for that amount of time. I really loved my experience with New Horizons during the pandemic. I love the new features they added. But it was so disappointing how half-baked it wasNew Leaf essentially makes The earlier titles in the series obsolete before it. It has all the features plus more of all the earlier titles. New Horizons failed on this front. Both New Leaf and New Horizons are still worth playing. The older titles are only worth going back to you for nostalgia after playing those two. Except for the character writing. It was a lot more sassy on the GameCube and thus more entertaining.

  14. I understand that its all subjective, but ranking New Leaf second last? Absolutely no way I can get behind that. I believe it’s overall the best in the franchise to date

  15. 1. New Leaf2. Wild World3. Population: Growing4. City Folk5. New Horizons

  16. 1. New Leaf
    2. New Horizons
    3. Animal Crossing
    4. City Folk
    5. Wild World


  18. 5: City Folk4: Animal Crossing3: New Leaf2: New Horizons1: Wild World

  19. The one thing I hate hearing about, when people try to rank the AC games, is how much or how little was added to the game compared to the previous one in the series. Like "Oh, this game only added a small amount of content compared to the previous game, that's why it's so low on the list."The question is "what order would you rank them as games" not "Would the game be worth buying, brand new, if you already own a previous one."For me, I'm looking up videos like this, because I wanna see if the other games might be considered better than New Leaf. I can emulate or play any AC game up to New Leaf (I don't have a Switch). I've played quite a bit of New Leaf already, but I got back into an AC mood lately and simply wonder if there might be a better one to play.

  20. Just got New Horizon for my daughter because I was such a fan of Wild World. Yeah best decision yet. I’m enjoying it and so is she.

  21. if sales makes a game undeniably great then i suggest you guys look at COD sales

  22. new horizons was an objective disappointment to most real ac fans with how many great features from other games it totally neglected. what a weird disconnected list that seems to talk wayyy too much about graphics in a game like ac

  23. Thanks a lot for the shoutout! Keep up the good work!

  24. ACNL is one of my favorite games of all time

  25. Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusammen die Nummern 10 und 1. Eine warmthhh.Online Brünette und eine anderes Blondine. Es wäre unfair, wenn ich 4 wählen würde

  26. Animal crossing is my childhood also they did the movie based on wild world and we need a tv anime series. Also I seen villagers holding ice cream on new horizons and the police station should come back to new horizons and GameCube villagers return.

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