There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of different animal related games on Roblox for you to play and enjoy. In this video, I’ll be playing and reviewing five different games on Roblox. WCUE (Warrior Cats Ultimate Edition), Cenozoic Survival, Dragon Adventures, Animal Life: Forest RP and Creatures of Sonia.

Please let me know what games you’d like me to play and review next!

Video Inspiration:
by @JustAnotherPixel

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  1. COS is a rare rp game, it’s mostly used for hanging out though, and people do something called KOS (kill on sight).Also only some creatures can swim, aquatic and semi-aquatic.The saikarie is a land creature. So it cannot swim.

  2. What’s your favourite animal game on Roblox? 🤔

  3. Would you mind me adding you to a gift? 💜

  4. Well I personally like WCUE the most but also WOF

  5. "Oh my Starclan I'm invisible" omg I'm laughing so hard rn!

  6. Claiming my 15th comment spot, also i have some things to say

    Wcue is a great rp game and i agree with your rating. 10/10

    Animal simulater is a bit bland in my opinion, but i do play it alot when my friends want to and its fun to be goofy with the emotes. 9/10

    Animal life is one of my personal favorite, you can do realisem roleplays with crows and all the animals. 10/10

    CoS isnt rather an rp game when your in a public server, but when your in a private server its very fun to rp by yourself or with friends. 9/10

    I rp with my friends alot in cenozoic survival and i often host wolf packs, plus its very realistic and surprisingly doesnt lag my old pc alot. 15/10

    Dragon adventures was one of those nostalgic game for me, i had a butterfly dragon and some normal ones, me and my friends loved to rp, the downside is whenever i joined a friend i would be in a random server. 9/10

  7. weewoo animal games yaaaay dont you just love being an animal

  8. Creatures of sonaria can be a role play game, a survival game, or a chill game. It’s mostly for survival though!

  9. I agree with almost all of your ratings! Nice video btw. When will you be hosting more events, if you are?

  10. I mostly play animal life forest rp but sometimes I play wcue

  11. I rate wcue a 9/10 and I rate animal life 10/10

  12. It never lets me join Cenozoic survival it kicks me out for the owl house rp it only lets me in one time

  13. surprised there isn't wolves life (or whatever it's called)
    i remember i used to love it and then i just stopped playing it because i realised i'm too terrible at roleplaying (yet i still play wcue lol, but i don't even roleplay there)
    (oh my god i just watched a video of wolves life 3 and i forgot the graphics were so bad lol)

  14. Time for my ratings-

    WCUE is an amazing game, in my opinion there’s nothing wrong with it so 10/10!

    Animal Simulator
    I used to play Animal Simulator A LOT with my sister, and, as Pebble did, we always hosted Lion King roleplays on Pride Rock 😂 but sadly we’ve both grown out of it as it’s just gotten a bit boring. 7/10

    Animal Forest: RP
    I’ve only played this game once or twice, and I don’t really like it. It’s a bit bland like Pebble said, and there’s not much to do, even if you’re roleplaying. 5/10

    Creatures Of Sonaria
    I’ve only played this game a couple of times, it’s a bit confusing, and I don’t like the people who go round killing everyone when I’m trying to learn how to play- Other than that the map is beautiful and the creature designs are stunning! 7/10

    Cenozoic Survival
    I love this game, I normally play it with my friend when we’re calling. The map is interesting, it’s exciting, people host realistic packs/herds, and I don’t have anything bad to say about it! 8/10. A way to help with limping is to not run full-speed over cliff edges and go down them at a walk or trot.

    Dragon Adventures
    Honestly I don’t think I’ve played this game before, but it looks interesting and I might play it. Based on Pebble’s gameplay, I rate it 7/10!

  15. Tbh i dont know if cos is good or bad for me xD

  16. Just an idea for part 2, me and my friend would play griffens destiny on call. Maybe try that.

  17. I would rate Cenozoic survival 10/10, you can get rid of the limp by resting for awhile until the thing goes away.

  18. you should try WOF early development fr its so good-

  19. 2 days ago I'll come back in a year remind me!


  20. I remember playing animal sim like 5 hours a day when i was littlewcue is best though

  21. i remember when i played cenozoic survival and it was so hard to explore the map as a wolf bc there bones where like glass

  22. oh my lord i could only DREAM of having that much morph slots…

  23. I've played all of these games except, creatures of Sonia and genozic survival

  24. Creatures of sonira/Cos Is a hangout to game people kill to survive if they are low on hunger Some people kos That's spam killers they kill anything they see

  25. I can't play creatures of sonaria bc apparently all my creatures are dead and I don't know how to get revival tockens

  26. this was kinda long ago BUT REVIEW FARM WORLD AND FELANDIA PLEASE

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