Reptiles + Dinosaurs vs Infernals + Primates – Animal Revolt Battle Simulator

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Carnivore Dinosaurs + Herbivore Dinosaurs + Reptiles + Dragon+ Wyvern + Hydra vs Infernals + Mutant Primates + Old Goro the Giant 1 vs 1

About Animal Revolt Battle Simulator (arbs)
Animal Revolt Battle Simulator is the first game of its kind where all movements and interactions between animals are fully physics-based. As the creatures fight each other, you can see the limbs bending, necks twisting, bodies flying around and blood splashing everywhere!

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Music :
Ready To Die by Rafael Krux
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  1. How about no 🔥 that is cheating like hellhound

  2. Pero…. Porque pone al otro goro .___. Y que tinene que ver la fantasia (•_________•,)?

  3. Ok now I understand ki dragon and hydra and also wyveryb is dinosaurs

  4. He was only concerned about burning their heads!

  5. ओह हो कति राम्रो

  6. How you know hydra and dragon is reptiles?

  7. I understand that vyvern dragon and hydra is dinosaurs

  8. How in the heck are they there all on green team

  9. Wyvern, Hydra and Dragon are units of Fantasy faction, not Dinosaurs or Reptiles. That's not fair

  10. Как эта игра называется

  11. 10:24 Ghor Hammer defeats the Carcharodontosaurus with one hit by making him go far 😂😂😂
    10:32 The Spinosaurus defeats Ghor Hammer with one bite and throwing him very far 😂😂😂

  12. Si son del mismo equipo como andan peleando???????

  13. Ghor hammer,goro,scourge and dragon are all insane units

  14. t-rex is attacking primates and infernals

  15. 5:14 bro wyvern smacked smicerilla into the wall while he was hanging from wyvern's feet

  16. Bro this YouTuber has so many videos, I can’t stop watching ! 😅😅😅❤❤❤

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