Rescuing Homeless Cats in Animal Shelter Simulator!

Rescuing Homeless Cats in Animal Shelter Simulator; just like the Dog Shelter, can SpyCakes save all the homeless Cats in Animal Shelter Simulator?

►I became the Worst Truck Driver!

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About Animal Shelter Simulator:

In Animal Shelter the game, your main goal is to find every puppy and kitty a home! Upgrade your Dog Shelter to take in more puppies and kittens.

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  1. Dude I don't know how but I just watched it and I like it could I love her uncle Ron's called

  2. wait why did u take murfy his owners wil be looking fir him if hes not homless and hes just lost!!!!

  3. why is he soooooooooo fast he is faster than i cat in irl

  4. If you choose the dog or cat you Have
    to buy a bowl

  5. I LOVE animals, my profile picture is my dog

  6. It’s so cute I like when you carry cats I know that I like your videos I see the dog one and I like it

  7. What is the game called You don't really say it

  8. What do you think every what do you think it’s going to have his football is a light with a heart

  9. Hi spycakes.. can you help? I only have 3 subs..

  10. What is this game called I want to download it?

  11. What is the game called? I want to download it.

  12. where just not changeing storys we changing lives

  13. I also have a cat and his name is fluffy,he's the cutest fluff ball
    You have ever seen

  14. Your movies are the best movies this is from Olivia trad silver

  15. Hi spy cakes I have a cat too, her name is mittens she was homeless my mommy found her now she has to live in her store because my daddy hates cats because she actsadentalee scratched my dad and hit my cat with the changer that is my story. LOVEE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

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