Road to Elder – Animalia Survival

Enjoy Animalia Lion gameplay from start to elder!!

Animalia Survival. Live as your favourite african animal, choose between being a carnivore, herbivore or omnivore, predator or prey. In this multiplayer ecosystem, with a realistic open world, choose to become a lion, a elephant or even a swift gazelle!

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  1. hey man the game is laggy lately is there any fix ?

  2. Bro u should make a video of elder male lion coalition and wipe out prides

  3. OK a lot of questions is this on a computer and is this a real game that is already out

  4. Your the best youtuber and can you show us how to download the game so we can enjoy the game too nice work by the way keep it up

  5. You should play it realisticly like get togheter with some frienda or random people on the server and join as coalitions of male lion but stop accepting people when you reach adulthood then take or prides,kill cubs of other lion and any male lions who enter your territory

  6. Always love the "I need to eat" players when they have an 80% full stomach

  7. Will this game ever come to console like path of Titans did?

  8. Oh my days your love for that Elephant was adorable!

  9. Is that the real in game sound effects of the lions attacking…!!!That is so shit.

  10. I have animalia but idk what to do to have that hud and graphics

  11. The Performance of this game is so bad… The way the camera moves is so laggy jesus my eyes are bleeding man 😀

  12. i want to play this so bad but the combat seems pretty random

  13. That's not even how lions fight…games like the isle need to fix the combat

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  15. The biteing noise is just stupidly funny

  16. I felt it for that elephant there but it is the circle of life

  17. Such an underrated game tbh, everything is great, animations, growth rate, looks. Only thing lacking is the combat.

  18. The way the game has changed is just incredible

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