Roblox 3 NEW Upcoming Animal Games

Roblox 3 new upcoming animal survival/roleplay games, this list is not based on how good a game is, you can rank these games yourself in the comments below

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  1. Which game are you most excited for and how much will you rate these 3 games out of 10? For more videos like this make sure to Like and Subscribe

  2. The lion pride is much good of animations!

  3. woah an arabian game for me?? btw im just from morocco

  4. Is there a specific date the games will be released?

  5. The spider in ur room staring at u 0-0 says:

    I cant wait!!!! Canine Odyssey is coming too,its A dog game similar to warrior cats but ✨Doggos!✨

  6. Creator of Wilderness of Arabia here, Thank you for adding my game

  7. Lions pride has stopped development for awhile. Sadly its not coming any time soon.

  8. Day 28 waiting for Lion's pride to launch on roblox

  9. I Love arabs so if this game came out im a plating it

  10. I tested the Wilderness of Arabia! and I gotta say, the map is amazing! excited for it to come out!

  11. a lions pride is npot gonna be realistic at all since there are man accessories and the roleplayers kinda dumb at roleplaying

  12. Me over loving big cats and well at this point any animal game, I think these games are gonna be hella fun tbh! And the second one though it just looks so realistic! I can’t wait for them to come out!

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