Roblox Animal Games UPDATE – Canine Odyssey, Wild Savanna, Amazon Ascension, Oceanic, CS + more !

Funny Ocelot
Hi this video is to bring everything up to date with Roblox animal games progress/updates, for games I have already shown on the channel. Basically this covers anything recent that I missed.
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Links for Games and Discords:
Amazon Ascension
Discord :

Canine Odyssey Discord – dev streams
Larsbars Youtube:

Oceanic link –
Oceanic Discord

Vaquita conservatory game:

The Reef:

Wild Savanna:

Warrior Cats (WCUE):

Animal kingdom test:

Cenozoic Survival:

Sonora Testing:
Sonora Discord:

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  1. The map of wild savannah is so beautiful!

  2. Cenozoic Survival had started my whole Career. Just becaus eof this game, I won a science project contest, I studied about these animals, I want to be a vet, and its all thanks to Charley.

  3. Waiting for the recode of wild savannah

  4. In wild savannah the new place is riverine woodlands right or something else named?

  5. I am waiting sm for the wild savanna recode and ecos (CS sister game) to be out 😭

  6. Nice ocelot, this video was a long time coming

  7. 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏

  8. Why we're you so long away? Family time?

  9. Im friends with mev and major and for the reef a guy who loves a rediculous free model game called be a fish called it a rip off 🤣🤣

  10. Wild savannahs development is aggravating

  11. Wild savannah is gonna become more realistic than most steam games ngl.


  13. Epic fight between the bull shark and the medium-sized alligator

  14. Bull shark will be 300R? Death roll looks nice

  15. I cant imagine bull shark vs black caiman, but as i saw in my pvps on arapaima as black caiman(tehnicly orinoco crocodile as i use the skin) arapaima is relatevly weak if you arent experienced, but skins are really cool especially vibrant, it also has two mutations being albino and leucistic
    Wild savannah recode still wont be realased 😂😂
    CS may add animals that were worked and almost finished for example cave bear, daeodon and thylacine

  16. How can I play this version now: Wild savanna

  17. Wild savannah and amazon Ascension
    Are the best
    and Sonora

  18. I hope all the animals from old CS can come back eventually with some balance changes to make everything more fair before they completely change course and move on to the new game, but if not it’s still very nice of them that they are adding at least some of the old animals back.

  19. Hope they let cross spawn in water otherwise there's no chance


  21. Drinking in Wild Savannah is about to be a challenge once crocodiles are released.

  22. New fish upcoming bull shark in amazon ascension

  23. I jus wanna play as a baboon on ws that would b my main between the hyena

  24. Found a new animal game in Savannah for Xbox

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