ROBLOX BIRD!! Brand NEW HILARIOUS Animal Game with Hidden Candy!!! Animations + Controls


Roblox Bird! Brand NEW super FUNNY animal game with hidden candy! Animations and how to control!

What happens when a star constellation and a rare gemstone collide? You get lots of awesome (ME!) Haha! I’m Lyronyx and I LOVE all things gaming. This is my official YouTube page. I’m a family friendly, kid gaming channel. I play lots of different games, but mostly Roblox. I hope you’ll subscribe to my channel and follow along as I discover new things in the world of gaming! Longing for the days of floppy disks and command prompts? Look no further! Dive into collection of play dos game online and immerse yourself in the nostalgia of a bygone era. Relive the classics, no emulator required.

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  1. I like birds cuz it looks boring and like there’s not much to do but once you play it it’s like it’s dragging you in and you don’t wanna leave. :3 that’s why I loves it.

    • > •

  2. Space is white peoples
    Space is white…

  3. what kind of neanderthal doesn't leave the link for the game?

  4. •𝑵𝒖𝑺𝒌𝒚𝑨𝒏𝒊𝒎𝒂𝒕𝒆𝒔• says:

    I can hack my hack is flying! All you have to do is poll your head down

  5. bird game is weird because you don't actually do anything but picking things up and go around and around

  6. Lyronyx:SOME ONE STLOE MY EGG…ohnlook theres lava here
    Me:*very confused*okay im confused bc u like she/he stole my egg and now u like "oh look heres lava!" XD

  7. if you want to get to big bird try and get on top of him! I've done it my self!

  8. did you know you can climb those wall's? you can climb them just by pressing the up arrow and space!!!!

  9. Do these birds need *THERAPY*?
    I'll be glad enough to give your bird some *therapy*.
    Anyways, I really like this game *a lot*!
    Thanks Kiersten David for suggesting this!

  10. This games map reminds me of fantasy and easter map from dragons adventures

  11. I was wired in bird… I used to make a pile of blue things in a whole and if some 1one would go near it I would throw them..don't ask ;-;..

  12. Favourite part is that head because one time I played bird and then I read lose a little like head it’s not it’s not like little it’s super huge just like you lying on aches

  13. Its my favorite game before i even watched this

  14. I play that game but I don't like it it's so lag

  15. If you turn by climbing on this video you can climb up that that's one of my ideas if not take someone else's idea on the comments I'm one of your main fans

  16. Hey Lyronyx you should try playing Noodle Arms

  17. Hey, Lyronix, I wonder if The glowing eggs can hatch into baby birds

  18. Does anyone know how to glow in roblox bird? ive been trying to find out but i cant seem to get behind it.

  19. Lyronix there is a secret scp room but i font remberer

  20. I found about 50 eggs in one hour in this game

  21. I managed to climb the big bird in bird on Roblox ironics and I'm 100% sure that I did not say that right

  22. i feel so blessed i found this game-

    Im serious! Its HILLARIOUS! i love, The fluffy bird model, all the secrets, the head motion, the way you can pick stuff up, im in love with this game and it makes me laugh!

  23. This is hilarious video ever ~! I LOVE YOU VIDEOS

  24. I've played this game and if u grab their feet then how much those players try they can't go anywhere try it in this game ,🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 (real)

  25. I got a theory about the big birds. You are trapped in the map and the Big birds are Gods because they have glowing eyes!

  26. You should find The bot he’s really shy and he’s yellow💗💗

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