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Play with multiple wild animals in this Savanna Simulator: Wild Animal Games. Deadly battles, fighting, clan and animal family simulator games combination in this animal simulator games pack. Play our ultimate savanna animals simulator as wild cheetah, hyena or angry elephant against furious wild cats like tiger, jaguar, leopard, lion and many more in wild animal fighting games. Hunt down food on the grassy plains, raise your family, and unlock exciting new playable animals as you experience life in the African savanna with animal simulator games. With this animal fighting game you have to maintain your health, hunger, thirst, and energy while ruling over the African savanna jungle adventure. Magic attacks, quest finding cave fun with babies and more in RPG game.

Make elephant family, cheetah family or hyena family with this hyena family simulator game. This animal family games combination is best in among the animal simulator games. Choose your favorite spieces of african animals and make clan of cheetah or clan of elephants and start finding your mate for breeding and grow up your family and cheetah cubs. Play as the Siberian or African wild beast to attack wildlife animals and make them your prey. Life of a cheetah or life of hyena is not easy but filled with thrill, hunt and adventures in cheetah games free. Do you like elephant games and hyena games? If yes then play this multi animal simulator with full of thrilling animal fight action. Hunt down tiger, lion, jaguar, Rhino, gazelle, elephant and their clan in animal family games with the fusion of elephant family games. Start hunting of hare, hen, goat, deer, zebra for jungle animal survival.

This hyena family simulator has animal survival and savanna animal fighting missions. This wildlife simulator aka cheetah family sim is fully action packed RPG quest based elephant games. In wild cheetah family survival hunt, explore massive open world savanna jungle life, fight other animals and save your family and clan from other predators in wild animal simulator games. You need to maintain your health, hunger and thirst if you are going to survive on a wild jungle adventure. Start hunting and deadly fighting in wilderness of savanna jungle. Strive to survive in the massive open world jungle with animal simulator. Unlock unique attacks, skins and skills, build your beautiful home and raise a family.

Features in Savanna Simulator: Wild Animal Games

• Several playable animals like cheetah, hyena and wild elephant.
• Unlock attacks, magic powers in animal survival simulator.
• Complete finding quests, find your mate, cave & many more.
• Make clan of cheetah, clan of wild hyena or clan of angry elephant.
• Raise family and start breeding in one of the best animal family simulator games.
• Start hunting other animals like hare, deer, zebra and goat for hunger & survival.
• Bring food for mate & cubs in RPG animal sim game.

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