Save The Doge (And Other Animals) – Puzzle Escape Game – walkthrough for kids

Important note for parents.

This video is suitable for kids (as per YouTube requirements and recommendations). Please note that the game may not be recommended for kids since it contains a lot of ads in the free version. Ads can be turned off with the in-app purchase.

We recommend that parents download Save The Dog – Dog Escape for free and test the game themselves.


About the game:

A casual doodle puzzle game with animal characters (not only dogs!).

Draw lines to protect the animals in such a way that the swarm of wasps will not be able to attack them. Make sure that your animal characters don’t end up in lava or water either!

Earn diamonds that can be exchanged to various animal characters (cats, pigs, sheep, bears etc). Around 20 various characters in total.

What we liked: if you are really a fan of doodle games you might give this one a try…

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Original Appysmarts Score: 35/100
Platform: iOS, Android
Recommended Age: 9+ (please note that the game contains lots of ads)

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