I hope you guys enjoyed todays video on Animalia the game, I hope I could help some of you decide whether you want to get and play this animal survival game called Animalia or not, or hopefully some of you got some free steam game codes, that you can activate on steam!

Animalia is built on the principle of being a realistic open world animal survival game, where the player takes control of a creature and fights to survive within the savannah. Discover everything and uncover mysteries along the way.

In Animalia you can live as your favourite animals! Fight and search across the land for food and water whilst doing your best to avoid predators, potential threats and rivals. Animalia is a game centered around the life cycle of the animal you’ve chosen, whether that be a buffalo, african lion, gazelle and more!
The first scenery you’ll come across on your journey to survival is the African continent. Here, you’ll find all the typical species you’d find in real world Africa today, accompanied by a rich ecosystem and AI animals. Animalia is an online multiplayer survival game, allowing you to play with new or existing friends, surviving the African environment together in real time!

Make the gameplay your own. There is nothing stopping you from personalising your creature’s survival journey each time you step into Animalia’s naturalistic world, an open and limitless experience.

Be conscious that if you die, your game will start all over again. This multiplayer or single player adventure offers a brutality that will teach you how to hunt, survive and thrive in this rugged world.

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  1. Play it more because u could make a documentary out of us ,nice vid

  2. have all the keys in the vid been used already?

  3. Wihtout EVEN LOOKING AT THE VIDEO, I can already tell you. No, we should NOT get or play the game right now. Points to the reviews on steam vigorously


  5. I’d rather get this game in like a year or so because this doesn’t look very good right now but it has LOTS of potential so I can’t wait to see what it will look like in a year 😍

  6. Looks like safari version of the isle so I like it😳 when I get a pc I’ll def check on this again

  7. I can hope I can play it soon I been looking for a game where I play something like the isle but not dinosaurs but normal animals

  8. why does this look exactly like the isle but not as good and not dinosaurs.

  9. full grown rhino I thought I could put up a fight against 1 lion…. I thought wrong, it was almost comical. I couldn't catch the lion. no matter how much manoeuvring and baiting I did, turning this way and that, faking then turning… the lion was just to fast. every time Id turn on him he would just take off. the fight lasted about 10 minutes real time, my fingers were about to fall off I was and wrist! swearing this way and that, the lion hits me one time and I bleed out 30% of my hp as I try to chase him down running around looking stupid all the while. It was fun don't get me wrong I am for the most part not complaining about the fight, I am complaining about the mechanics and the rhino having 0 chance of killing. in nature a rhino has a much better chance then what this game portrays especially a full grown adult male rhino but in the game its a joke. its like a fat guy trying to chase down a olympic runner that runs up behind you and slaps you on the rear for 500 dps. The sad thing is my timing was very good, I did everything correct for the most part and I still could only land 2 hits the entire fight, which those hits cost me a hit also from the lion. Any advice for rhino players what am I doing wrong. standing in one place doesn't work… the lion will hit you once then run off and let you bleed out while you sit there…. rhino's need better bleed defence is my bet, or more of a off the line burst speed from the gate.

  10. eemmm search for the Isle and than come back

  11. So much potential but looks way off the mark at the moment

  12. So it’s similar to the isle? But with animals

  13. I might actually get this game in like year or so for it to develop. Just like the isle in its old days then it got WAY better after a few years. If the developers are smart (not like other developers cough cough path of titans *cough cough) and the game starts to really look good and the mechanics are good (and if it sets it self away from other survival games and not just another isle clone) then I’ll get it

  14. I wanna be a child again, pls. Felt that to my core 😂😭

  15. The answer is no. I bought it and it’s boring as all get out.

  16. I just bought this game yesterday and it was absolutely horrible so i refunded it I’ll get it when the game is actually good because this game will be good one day

  17. I hope this game goes well, since I've always thought this would be a great game concept, but the Isle is the best, hands down.

  18. how do i get this game? i didnt saw it in steam

  19. for a dinosaur fan like me it's Bo'B but with modern animals

  20. I might be able to play this todaay or tomorrow and it looks AMAZING! Ive always been trying to find games like this and here it is!

  21. I dislike how much they copied The Isle, I can't believe how nobody else commented on that. It would be a good game if it had more original design, at this point I wouldn't be suprised if this game was just a modified Isle version.

  22. sadly very few people are into these games so rarely one will shine, big companies are more interested in making pew pew fps copy cat games or something else where you can fire 100000 missiles, my point is, more than 80% of the gamer population is more interested in blowing or killing someone rather than play a separate kind of game, thus being said, these games will always have issues due to low budgets but man that makes me sad, so very few games like this, I'd recommend getting the following titles if you liked Animalia: The Isle, Beasts Of Bermuda, Stone Rage, This Land Is My Land, Ancestors The Humankind Odyssey.

  23. عالم طيور الزينة و الببغوات _Birds&Prrots says:

    what is the key

  24. I already have it and I have a lot of friends to play here 😀

  25. ?ɪᴋʀᴀɴꜰᴜʀʏꜰʟᴇᴜʀʏ¿ says:

    I love the Isle and i saw this game and i have been interested since.

  26. played it and returned it back to steam. the game is so boring. I cannot even say its a game right now. then to add the servers are laggy and the gameplay is super clunky.

  27. Not worth paying the money tbh lol but hey i wouldnt mind a code XD

  28. Plis, someone know why I can't find server. I really wanna play this game

  29. daang the hippo walking underwater, how chill looking is that :O

  30. Ok guys I might sound crazy but does anybody remember playing a game like this on the Pc but it was online and it was a website.It was the same concept and everything like when you joined you were automatically a randomly picked animal. The 2 maps I remember was in the ocean and the desert. I’m talking like the early 2010 and Or older Someone plz respond to this and lmk…

  31. Recommend wild savana on roblox it’s free to play and way more fun

  32. I think it’s a little to early to make such a video, as the game is still a heavy W.I.P. There’s many animals, animations and game mechanics that are yet to be released /remade. Maybe remake this video in aa year or one and a half, I am pretty sure there will be much more content then.

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