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RASS LANGUAGE – Reading as Art & Science of Sounds
Go Readers is a fun and easy 5-level series for children in primary school. It is knowledge-based and goes beyond the story to tell life experiences and common sense.

Level 1-1 The Playground
Level 1-2 It’s a Colorful World
Level 1-3 A Lovely Lady Bug
Level 1-4 Who Eats Grass
Level 1-5 Free as a Bird
Level 1-6 A Tadpole’s Story

Level 2-1 What Do Plants Think About?
Level 2-2 Let’s Get Moving!
Level 2-3 Questions for Mom
Level 2-4 Water, Water, Everywhere!
Level 2-5 Let It Rain!
Level 2-6 Science and Me

Level 3-1 Travela
Level 3-2 Let’s Put Out Fire!
Level 3-3 The Amazing Pumpkin
Level 3-4 The Animal Games
Level 3-5 Don’t Get Dirty!
Level 3-6 A Day On The Farm

Level 4-1 Where’s The Wind?
Level 4-2 Buzzy Bee’s Big Adventure
Level 4-3 Jerry’s Sticky Chores
Level 4-4 Porcupine, The Hero!
Level 4-5 Rocks, Save The Day
Level 4-6 Scotty The Squirrel

Level 5-1 Where Does All The Water Go?
Level 5-2 We Are So Different!
Level 5-3 Doctor Noiz’s Listening Lab
Level 5-4 What Chaos!
Level 5-5 Amazing Animals
Level 5-6 The Animal Beauty Contest

At RASS Language, we publish the best-in-class phonics, sight words and readers to help children learn English in an easy and fun way. Phonics helps young learners decode words and sound them out. Sight Words help them read fluently and concentrate on the meaning of the text. Together they open the door to reading.

English Story for Kids
English for Beginners and Early Learners
Learn to Listen, Speak, Read and Write
Kids songs, chants, rhymes and animation

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RASS LANGUAGE is committed to the development of children’s English education materials for over 15 years. We firmly believe that SOUNDS form the basis for all language learning. Our name RASS stands for Reading as Art and Science of Sounds. Based on the premise that “Listening/Speaking driving Reading/Writing”, our publications are imbuded with chants, songs, stories and animation to facilitate easy learning. We have developed our own Talking iPEN which is a “point to read” device supporting all our titles. Our publications are grouped into 3 main series covering Phonics, Sight Words and Readers, plus other learning materials such as dictionary and Putonghua.

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