Super Animal Royale – Game Preview Launch Trailer | Xbox Series X|S

Bite, claw, and machine gun your way the top of the food chain! Super Animal Royale is available now on Xbox Game Preview for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. Join the 64-player battle royale and fight for FURvival.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers can download the Founder’s Edition for FREE through Xbox Game Pass Perks.


  1. That Vegan Teacher will get mad about this lol

  2. Hmm.. I bet Dragon Quest 11 would benefit greatly from FPS boost on the series s.

  3. I love the style but this more or less just looks like the Snapchat game

  4. wow great game game of the year wow best game ever wow

  5. Hopefully this will be cross play with the PC version and other versions as well.

  6. lol kinda reminds me of animal crossings

  7. lol why are my stuffed animals killing each other?

  8. This looks really fun! How long will it last until sweat streamers ruins this…

  9. I tried and dang it’s fun, 10/10 better than fortnite and Apex Legends

  10. YEAH, Animals support the SECOND 🔫👍😎

  11. Ps: introducing HFW and GOW with Ratchet and clank
    Xbox: animals go brrrrr

  12. Fortnite has animals now 🙄☹

  13. PSA – Reminder- you can install this remotely to your console through the XBOX app.

  14. Animal Crossing got an Xbox DLC exclusive

  15. Been playing this for awhile today. It's a lot of fun and the top down view makes it feel different than the other BRs I've played

  16. furry royaleee what the worlds been waiting for

  17. hermoso
    una buena forma de jugar con eso de saltar y rodar, la forma de disparo ta bien
    y los bailes tan bonitos XD

  18. Excelente juego, me engancho desde la primera partida 😁🎮

  19. it says “could not connect to the game servers”

  20. Xbox 360 never die Xbox 360 never die Xbox 360 never die

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