Survival Multiplayer Animal Game – Wild – Devlog -Combat and Meet the Giraffe.

Lone Thug
Hello it`s the Dev from Lone Thug

A lot of new stuff coming up! and i hope you guys can understand and share!

This is the new playable animal! And new updates
Next video will be about combat!

Hope you guys enjoy

i being working in this project for a while and i am very hyped to work more and make the perfect survival animal game! if you want to donate to help me

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  1. So ready for this game! It looks amazing so far

  2. I would really love for this game to become popular! I would def play

  3. This is fantastic work I can see the dev team are hard working and trying to take that extra time to complete this master piece. Will this be available on steam and what will it be called?

  4. 1:38 dude that one looked realistic when it started good job on this game even though it still seems like a working progress it still looks awesomely real.

  5. Damn finally found a game that holds True to Africa's nature with pounce and I hear leopards can carry prey into trees…. I would love to support and play the game… But unfortunately don't have a computer suitable for it….. Thanks for the hard work, will hopefully one day enjoy it

  6. Game looks good just need more dev, example sounds when attacking and etc. When will the game be done?

  7. Can u make impala its an antelope with big eyes and ears their my fav animal and I recently have been watching ur videos and waht name is this game on roblox

  8. I'm ur new subscriber but I'm really confused if this game is not on roblox

  9. I wish this had a mobile version I see all these cool game on YouTube and there never mobile all the mobile ones trash and lag😮‍💨😮‍💨🥺🥺😢

  10. U guys deffinetly need giant ant eaters then ı will deffinetly play the game

  11. any plans for tropical forest environment with gorillas and chimpanzees?

  12. Good game, but just change the hotbar, and everything is very good

  13. Do you have an official discord so we can follow for any updates? Will insta buy.

  14. İts remind me animalcraft… ah memories. I will continue to follow this amazing game even more 😀

  15. This is gonna be the best game on Steam

  16. can you add hippo? hippos are really cool when they are herbivore. they are strong. they can swim. and i like how they are calm can cute. but when they get mad they are cool and strong

  17. adding the mandrill monkey would be very cool.

  18. Could create a discord to follow its evolution <3

  19. can we play? =D looks like animalia but with more love, care, and attention.!!

  20. Where is the project? this guy just wanted money to be sent to him….

  21. Is this an animalia survival update ? Or a new game and is it multiplayer ? How’s it differ from AS I’m asking cause I want to know if anyone has the answers and do I get a cool early supporter skin if I support so many questions where can I get some answered?

  22. I wonder why its got the animalia models?? will the models get changed..? or did you make them??

  23. You could add a collision of pounce with the legs, i mean, if a leg isnt in the hitbox of the animal being hurt, it will fall, but the lion will always try to adjust both of his legs. It would be dope. Also a "cleaning claws" animation and cracking sounds while eating, because of the bones. It would be really dope if you do a great animation with the eating system, also, lions and leos, and most of the animals eat their food while they rest, you can add that too. Anyways, keep going man, your game looks sick, pretty amazing.

  24. Hello, is this game already released and is the game getting developed rn because there are no uploads since three months now

  25. Can't wait when will do frist survival video!

  26. when does thing come out and what the name?

  27. Are there any social media accounts we can follow to keep up to date with this games development? A discord? If so please post them I’m super interested in following this.

  28. Will there be more animals, for example: Leopard, Hyena?

    I really want you to make a very big card, please. 🙂

  29. Good afternoon or Good evening, although it doesn’t matter, we all look forward to the exit of the game The vor that I will ask you will INTO bi make offspring, then if so, how.
    2.Question: Will it be online
    3.Question: Will it be possible to mark with territory, but others have seen who and what territory And that's all.
    Yes, always remember that we are nearby, we are waiting for the game to come out. 😀😀😀

  30. how bout someone make an american one with forests and u can play as black bear or grizzly or eagle or mountain lion, this does look promising and does a couple things animalia dont

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