This Announced First Time EVER For Animal Crossing New Horizons

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Nintendo has shared some very interesting news about Animal Crossing: New Horizons and also the DLC Happy Home Paradise, involving something that will happen for the very first time for the games. Here is all of the info you need to know.

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  1. I was planning on gettong the dlc soon! Since its on sale, im assuming they are entirely done with ACNH if its on sale

  2. And I just bought the dlc yesterday. . .

  3. Definitely going to buy Happy Home Paradise because of this, btw BOB’S GAAAANG

  4. I still have a small amount of hope that one day there will either be a surprise update or a new animal crossing game altogether

  5. I think Nintendo should remaster the original animal crossing and allow us to link that classic game with this one and allow us to travel to memory lane. And sale? This game is three years old. This game should be priced at $30 at most or $40 bundled with happy home paradise. Or at least develop an expansion pack and go to a second tropical island with unique fruits and you can treat it as your island…place houses for more villagers and even buy a second home.

  6. I could see this move as one to see if it does well, maybe they'll release another dlc before the next installment comrs out.

  7. No way dude I just purchased the happy home paradise dlc yesterday 😢

    Bobs gang

  8. I just got a switch for my fiance and pokemon, he isnt interested in AC but maybe i can convince him to let me buy it when its on sale in Australia.. Also… bobs gang 😉

  9. I already have both the game and the DLC but I'll make sure to spread the word around!

    Bob's Gang shall take over the world!

  10. I still wanna get Happy Home Paradise! I hope it goes on sale for the US

  11. For happy home paradise do you need Nintendo online?

  12. I have already acnh and my sister Bought me happy home paradise for Christmas

  13. If only I wasnt poor…
    Is the discount happening in Australia?
    I do have the game but not the Dlc. Also Bob is awesome

  14. It’s great but I am not sur covid l,Ayer will return! Unfortunately, BCs personally I still play it, shame that many other “friend” have drop it. Bob gangs

  15. Bobs Gang!! Also my sister needs acnh and dlc so let’s go with that discount so she can see how amazing this game is

  16. I cant even buy anything cuz i dont even have access of Nintendo Eshop or Online ×_×
    due to the region i selected and still i changed it and nothing happened, so idk how to fix it 🙁

  17. I want to get it for my partner but I'm not in Europe

  18. Bob's Gang .. IF they do put the other game on sale I probably will buy it just to see what it is like .. I am not very good at home design

  19. this is just sad. based off the title, it means that this is the first time the game is on sale. for an 80$ game, this is such a nintendo move.

  20. I hope we get the discount here in the U.S. I would like to get HHP.

  21. IDK…
    I got a free download copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf, I wouldn't say those kinds of offers are new.
    Also, I don't know why they're choosing animal crossing as a poster game for multiplayer, because its multiplayer function sucks.

  22. I was actually thinking of getting the happy home dlc so this is good news to me

  23. That's great! I've been wanting to get HHP for summer (especially since i just started playing again). My switch has both us and uk accounts so I'm good.

  24. I just bought the DLC and they put it on sale 💀

  25. wonder if it is to get people back playing on nintendo for 1) New version of the switch 2) announcement of a new Animal crossing or mario game in the future?

  26. I wish they would come out with another DLC… Maybe where they add 10 of each to the museum collection. Or new types of villagers. Make it more interesting please!


  27. I've actually had the HHP since released. I've never played it. I want my experience to be enjoyable. I wished others would stop being so negative about ACNH in general. If you don't like it or you've stop playing move on & get a new game. To me it's like comments or a post if you don't like the content keep scrolling 🙃. Bob's Gang

  28. oh man, i would be so so happy if they actually made a discount/sale for acnh! I want to buy the game for my friend. I want to get the happy home paradise for my own amusement but I honestly haven't had the chance. This is certainly exciting news!

  29. Hey can you come to my island it’s 74j98 and other people can join because I am providing the information

  30. I wouldn't even mind if they put the old animal crossing games on switch! I kinda want to play the old games again 😅

  31. Hmmm! This is so interesting! Usually sales don’t just happen for no reason! Maybe something new is on the “horizon?!”☺️

  32. Boo, I still won’t play or get this game. Since nothing new to play with

  33. Not me having just bought the game last night🥲

  34. Now if only nintendo actually made their own servers and stopped charging people to use their own internet I might be able to visit other people's islands again :/

    Tch, like that'll happen.

  35. DAMN IT! I just got the dlc not that long ago! TwT

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