This HEARTBREAKING Game is Impossible | Animal Rescue & Adoption Sim | Animal Shelter Simulator


This HEARTBREAKING Game is Impossible | Animal Rescue & Adoption Sim | Animal Shelter Simulator


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  1. walks to green bins
    Raptor: "this is where we put the doggy…"
    my brain: "NO PLEASE NO"
    Me: Phew….

  2. 17:49
    “I’m a little broken today -The game's engine”
    -This game's computer

  3. I'm sorry was that an alligator or crocodile in the promo video?!

  4. Amazon Air is already up and running in this game

  5. volunteer at your local pound or shelter. 10 out of 10 would recommend!❤️

  6. Where’s the part where you have to clean up all the diarrhea? 😖

  7. If this comes. Out for ps4 im gonna shave a dog clean or the worst

  8. Have not watched the whole video, and definitely understand things being simplified for video games…. but it KILLS me in the very beginning seeing that dog's neck wound being shaved and slapped with a couple of adhesive bandages and calling it a day lol

    irl thats how you end up with an infected wound and bandages that fall off lol
    Gotta wash and disinfect that thing then PROPERLY bandage it, or in some cases just prevent the dog from messing with the wound and let it air out.

  9. This game vaguely reminds me of Gameboy/PC "Paws&Claws Pet Vet." Which had rabbits, horses, and birds I think?
    It'll be great to see where this goes in content updates.

  10. That trailer in the beginning looked like a trailer for a bad mobile game ad

  11. I would love if they add a feature to show how well the animal is doing with their new owners after adoption. Maybe a email saying how's the animal is doing with a picture attached.

  12. ;_; The little Rat Terrier at the start reminds me of my family dog, Penny!

  13. if there is no VR port of this game, imma be real mad

  14. Is it just me or when I played this demo I got super attached to both the cat and the dog and almost cried when I had no choice but to give them up

  15. I'm disappointed that the harness didn't turn the cat into a floppy boneless noodle like it does to mine.

  16. Artist here. I use a scanner frequently for uploading artwork onto my Mac.

  17. I love that this kind of games exist but what I don't understand is why they always cure wounds with bandaids! Is just so silly seeing that, I think they should at least let you clean it and treat it correctly.
    And I also feel that they should introduce more information for new owners that animals are a luxury and they need to keep in mind that they will get sick at some point.
    I would love to play it but I think it will just feel like going to work, except that this is more lovely than actual life xD

  18. Dog🐶 and Cat🐈 four love island km new tasks km OK 👍

  19. That garden hose looks like a goddamn pistol. A bit too literal xD

  20. You know… you could play the sim… OR you could actually go out and start a shelter with REAL animals that REALLY need your help… just saying.

  21. Wonder how many people tried to make kill shelters

  22. Сначала гуляйте с ними, лечите их, заботьтесь о них, а потом усыпляйте, потому что это также обязанность приютов в США. ☹

  23. sir i downloaded it when i select pet it loads and opens and everthing is in white colour

  24. Do you now when we might be able to install the game

  25. love this game how to play in my ipad 😍

  26. I mean thats not how you treat a wound but ok lol 0:16

  27. Me: this is a really nice game it looks so peaceful and fun to keep a shelter to make everything look nice and it’s so friendly nothing could go wro-


  28. I wonder if there'd be a feature wherein if you don't get the dogs adopted in a given time, you'd have to euthanize them to make space for new dogs. 😈

  29. playway…. likely to never be seen.. They do this with all their games, demo, followed by prologue, game apparently being released that same year…doesnt

  30. as long as you kill off the cats this game would be awesome

  31. It sucks that none of these games are available on a phone for free. Not everyone can afford to spend money on games. I would love to play some of these games.

  32. Can I buy it on a ipad or is it free

  33. Your voice is so calming I love that u aren't yelling while playing a calming game 😂

  34. Omfg as a dog owner I would love to play this game, most adorable one I could find yet

  35. Orange juice forever and lazy fox and lil DJ says:

    Pls put the game in mobile

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