This is Good News For Next Animal Crossing Game

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One thing that a lot of Animal Crossing players have seen as a negative looks to be a pretty big positive for the future of the Animal Crossing franchise. We’ll be looking at how Nintendo might be using their latest game to learn from their mistakes with New Horizons and how this could affect the next Animal Crossing game.

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  1. A remake of the first game with Switch graphics. e+ content. Amiibos. Some extra customization like moving buildings and putting down paths. 360 degree view of your house. New furniture as well as classic. Hairstyles. Bigger tropical island. Online and mini games! Probably wont happen but pleeeease. Would be better than DLC.

  2. Honestly, my favorite two games are splatoon and animal crossing! They both played a big part in my life and I don't think I'd ever hate splatoon for stopping acnh updates

  3. Everyone keeps talking about games on the next console but why would Nintendo give up on the switch? It’s one of the best consoles they’ve produced and they could go another decade with just pushing out better versions of it and special editions. The fact they aren’t saving TOTK for the next console is pretty telling.

  4. I got an small update in ACNH a few days ago.

  5. Can you come to my island a close island the code is 0000

  6. Yes, I have kind of negative emotions towards Splatton, cause because of it nintendo stopped working On Acnh 😅😅

  7. Whenever I see you on my recommended I always have to click on it even if I’m not in acnh mood I still always have to click on it because your videos always succeed to make my day

  8. Nintendo seriously should make and animal crossing game kind of like Kirby dream collection for the wii, were it has all of the animal crossing games. I know that would take a lot of coding and would probably be released on a newer console since the switch couldn’t take that.

  9. The next animal crossing game should be released by august 2023

  10. we need all of the games in one big pack we can play on the next big nintendo system.

  11. I miss the Tortimer Island mini games so much 🥲

  12. I know this is probably weird but what pattern code did you use for the stump-looking custom path?

  13. ngl i just think its favoritism. (coming from someone who likes splatoon more) i hope they find a new dev team for animal crossing 😭acnh had so much potential and it really feels like they just kicked it to the side to focus on splat

  14. estimate needing 5 more years to become a bellionaire

  15. We need the flea market back, and working at the roost. Just more interactions with characters and more business stuff like selling things and helping Brewster

  16. i like animal crossing and splatoon so either way i win

  17. I'm not really into Splatoon myself, but seeing what they are doing with the updates and DLC for the Splatoon games gives me hope we will see something similar for Animal Crossing.

  18. As long as they bring back the island games I’ll be set!

  19. Your island i have been trying to figure out what to do with mine.

  20. Hi great video. Do you think it's more probably that we are going to have DLC for animal crossing in the future or a new game of the series?

  21. I know it's an unpopular opinion but i'm really not a big fan of cities with forced npc and buildings 😕
    I really like the freedom with have on our island in ACNH

  22. Animal crossing new space star light 😂😂😂

  23. I love the blank canvas of the island, but I never played City Folk. For it to be LIKE ACNH it would need to have the ability to be a blank designer's canvas imo.

  24. I forget if I made this comment in the past because your videos are constantly giving me ideas of what some of the games should’ve done or hopes for said game in the future or the future if a series as a whole but since the topic has come up, it’s not exactly a return to format, but I would like them to revisit the GCN style village, but with sprinkles of City Folk, New Leaf and New Horizons mixed in like putting furniture outside from New Horizons or a shopping district like in City Folk or New Leaf while retaining the classic GCN village format. I get the GCN AC is the oldest in the series, but that village style I always found so cozy and fun!

  25. I don’t want DLC for an old location.

    I want the next Animal Crossing game to literally just be returning to an old town.

    (Almost) Everyone moved to an island, so surely the old towns would be falling apart. Nook Inc could join forces with the Resetti Brothers, Dr Shrunk, Gracie and maybe some new people to try and fix up the old town. It could function similarly to New Leaf’s town’s Mainstreet, where you have separate areas for separate buildings and stuff. It’d be cool to slowly unlock new areas, then be able to decorate them, and maybe by the endgame you can move/remove the large scale landscaping blocking areas off.
    Slowly you could invite people back to the old towns and then if they wanted they could definitely recycle a bunch of stuff from previous games.

  26. Another animal crossing is coming ?! 😱 what’s going to be next

  27. Bob's Gang 😻
    I would love it they remade all previous AC before NH for the Switch.
    NH was my first AC.
    But would like to play the other ones.
    Also hope new AC will be on the Switch I like the Switch and can't afford to buy a different console 😭. 😀

  28. They kinda did the "city revisit" with Harv's island. But I feel the same way. I'm worried they won't make another one, but we'll see ❤️

  29. Only thing I request is adding more life to villagers. I get it that a lot of kids ended up crying for how mean some interactions were, but I think adding an option for how the villagers should treat you would be quite good

  30. Bobs gang 💪
    Here’s hoping for a new animal crossing game!!

  31. Nintendo, release another DLC for THIS AC and take my money!

  32. I wish there is a way…. to remove your paradise island and start over… cuz little ones messed it up on me… >_<

  33. Bobs gang! And yeah I would LOVE for the bus to the city to be back! PLEASE

  34. Ngl, I think they should really work w/ New Horizons, cause ditching it the way they did after how well it sold is pretty fucking B.S.

    Like just do a MK8D, where they're importing ideas and concepts from Tour to MK8D. Mushroom Houses? Island settings (IE custom skies, permanent seasons … Etc etc).

    I feel like if they were to continue ACNH that way, the game would have a whole slew of new life. Not talking free, it would obviously cost, but it would be fucking worth it tosee this game go back into tge limelight, especially since Splatoon had 2 fucking games and 3 DLCs in the span that it took Nintendo to churn out ACNH.

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