This NEW ANIMAL SURVIVAL GAME will change Everything !

Today I introduce to you a NEW Animal survival game being developed in the shadows.

Game Name: Way Of Animals

You can follow their work here:

You can also follow me on my Discord:


  1. Why is the great circle rarely talked about? I think it might be one of the best animal games that might come out

  2. oh hey, i work with gnu with skin development on prior, didnt think id see him here :-0

  3. yeaaaaaaah …… no

    id rather wait for somethin better

  4. This game looks absolutely horrible, the animations of animals are awful

  5. Console deserves more animal games that aren’t dinosaurs

  6. The game looks promising. But the lighting is really bad, it’s weirdly very, very bright.

  7. This is definitely the best looking African Animal Survival Game.

  8. genuine question, will birds be added to the game as well eventually?

  9. Wolf Quest is very good. Look it up.

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