Top 10 Animal Games To Play in 2020

Logitech G
Has your landlord said no to pets? Don’t worry, you can still enjoy all creatures big and small with these ten animal games.

Here’s the list:
1 Beyond Blue (01:08 – 02:22)
2 Okami HD (02:23 – 03:24)
3 Lost Ember (03:25 – 04:41)
4 theHunter: Call of the Wild (04:42 – 05:54)
5 Shelter 2 (05:55 – 07:06)
6 Maneater (07:07 – 08:18)
7 Later Alligator (08:18 – 09:20)
8 AER Memories of Old (09:21 – 10:31)
9 Hive Time (10:32 – 11:34)
10 Baba is You (11:35 – 12:45)

When you want to push the boundaries of play, Play Advanced with Logitech G.

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  1. ,,Top 10 animal games" – shows hunter game where you can shoot animals in the head.
    Ok, I get that this is not the only thing you can do in hunting games and maybe you can explore peacefully too but geez…

  2. The fact that Shelter isn’t on PS4 makes me want to buy a computer

  3. I think Ancestors should be on here as well

  4. not fun fact: my pc don't run any of these games

    * sadness noises *

  5. Lost Ember et Spirit of The North se ressemblent beaucoup !

  6. Muy bonita y relajante, me la enseño una persona que quiero muchísimo y hoy ya no esta en mi vida, y la recuerdo con esta dulce melodia.

  7. Where is wild craft i come here for Wild craft 🙁 you suck

  8. ,,Baba" in most arabic dialects stands for "dad" or daddy.

  9. I am actually looking for a game that is a cross between farming simulator and zoo tycoon can anyone help me plsss

  10. Me whos on mobile: why why why why…

    Edit: yay! Beyond Blue is nice and its on iPad BUT…ITS A ONE MONTH REEEEE

  11. I highly recommend the Lost Ember. It’s a short game but the story and animation is beautiful and emotional. Even after you play through it and go back to complete the game it’s still fun to go back through it again for a relaxing and chill game!

  12. Far cry 4 and far cry primal is my bestest

  13. I upload gaming videos also. Thanks


  15. Lost Ember is incredible. The ending made me cry 😭

  16. does anyone know the title of the game with the wombats at 0:16 ? my father loves wombats and i’d love to find it to play with him!

  17. Is beyond blue a game you can play on your phone or tablet??

  18. ღ𝔂𝓸𝔀𝓪-𝓹𝓵𝓪𝓷𝓮𝓽ღ says:

    Theres shelther 1 and 3 now 😀

  19. More recommendations:
    Okami: This one is in the video but seriously play it, it's a MASTERPIECE.
    Spyro Reignited or Crash N. Sane: Remastered classics, they're pretty good.
    The Legend of Spyro trilogy: If you can get them running on an emulator, they're really good.
    Rain World: Hard and super unique 2D platformer/survival.
    Ori series?: Technically not animals but the world is filled with animals.
    Seasons After Fall: 2D fox game, I didn't find it that fun but it was pretty.
    Night in the Woods: 2D story driven game with animals living in a human society.
    OneShot?: Technically not animals (again) but the protagonist is very cat-like.
    WolfQuest: Used to be free and I enjoyed it as a kid, now not so much but it's the most realistic wolf simulator out there, maybe it's better now.
    Transformice: Free online flash game with mice.
    Petz Catz/Dogz 2: Loved it as a kid.
    Bolt: Surprisingly good for being based on a movie (those are usually cash grabs).
    Peace Island and Tale of a Wolf: Both are in development but seem very promising.

  20. Me having a deep sea phobia: This videos probably has some lovely games!
    Clicks on video
    Me: Internally Screaming

  21. Are these available on phone or no ? I’m saving up to get a pc in the future but I need games to play to cure my boredom 😅

  22. I downloaded hunter call of the wild a long while ago (I only use the tranq gun!)

  23. Shelter, shelter 2 and meadow and cattails are all my favorite animal games. Might and delight is an amazing company and now their new shelter 3 and book of travels games. Cattails I also mentioned is amazing think of stardew valley with cats I love them so much!

  24. No the best animal games are ultimate simulators made by the gluten free games company. I play most of mine on the phone. My top three are ultimate dog simulator. Ultimate Arctic simulator. And ultimate forest simulator. I also enjoyed the Savannah simulator.

  25. baba is a sheep hence the name "baa baa"

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