Top 10 FREE Animal Simulator Games for Android/iOS

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We rank the best animal simulation games you can play on Android and iOS for FREE, enjoy and drop a like!

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#10- Animal Sim (Free) 0:15

#9- My Wild Pet (Free) 0:33

#8- Wild Panther (Free) 0:55

#7- Dragon Sim (Free) 1:20

#6- Phoenix Sim (Free) 1:48

#5- Squirrel Simulator (Free) 2:14

#4- Cheetah Family Sim (Free) 2:46

#3- The Wolf (Free) 3:16

#2- Dog Simulator (Free) 4:01

#1- Cat Simulator (Free) 4:26

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Island – MBB

Island by MBB
Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported— CC BY-SA 3.0


  1. wildcraft shouldve been number 1 in this list

  2. pleas 10 free GUN games for Android /ios

  3. Could you do some great multiplayer games where there is nothing like a energy? I did a little of searching but cant find anything good 🙁

  4. It just hit me that i used to play phoenix sim.

  5. cheetah family,the wolf,dog simulatorand cat simulator i have but cheat in apptoko so cat can be panther tiger ect.

  6. Wow, I’m surprised wolf quest wasn’t featured in this video.

  7. I would love to get the squirrel one

  8. These are actually horrible games
    Bad quality
    Bad gameplay
    And bad controls

  9. Animal simulators on mobile are all the same shit, kill other animals and make a horrible family with out-of-the-ass AI. Stupid video and the games in this list are no exception.

  10. I’m still waiting for a horse game that’s actually good and not free-to-play online multiplayer where you have to spend literal months trying to breed the breeds of horses you want and that you have to pay absurd amounts of real-life money to buy good horses if you want to have a small advantage.

  11. It just clicked to me.. i used to play cat & dog simulator…
    Wow. It’s been so long since i saw that game.
    Does anybody still play it?

  12. Me I like those who must to pay I have them all my favorite is ultimate wolf simulator

  13. Guys, if you want free animal games, just go to Turbo Rocket games. Their games are good quality.

    Alternatively, you could play The Wolf's developer's games. They also have the tiger, the panther and the cheetah.

  14. I have wild panther simulator, and it's a very fun game!

  15. I would recommend getting wildcraft, wild animal online and wolf online 2 they are all amazing

  16. Hello im looking for a game that is forgot its name what i remember is you have to pick 2 slime like creature to be your pet while buying them food,games etc. I hope someone will know the title because i really really wanna get back to it

  17. thanks to you now i remembered the games i played a long time ago

  18. Bruh when are we gonna get a realistic game with Shaders and stuff this is crap

  19. I recommend dog sim it's so amazing you can play online defeat bosses and best of all it reminds me of wildcraft…..

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