Top 3 Upcoming Roblox Animal Games | Part 3

The animals were really cool! 😀

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Prehistoric Titans:


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  1. I remember Yellowstone! I won an art contest in their discord almost a year ago

  2. These look AMAZING!!! I’m actually really excited for the ocean one because there aren’t as many oceanic survival games out there!!

  3. Thanks for introducing my game I appreciate it alot!

  4. The models for the bear for yellowstone is so slick

  5. Btw new game coming it’s out but the new game is still getting made but the other game that is out is playblox safer idk how to spell it but it’s a game that is getting new updates and it’s cool 🙂 just letting u know so u can play it and Congo u can get information when it’s done or new updates that r comeing❤️

  6. I think that the Yellowstone one will have a lot of people excited, because I know lots of people are looking for realistic wolf games on Roblox.

  7. 2:32 para isn’t for a game, you literally just took a picture of somebody’s work for this video


  9. Animal world is a game that is coming out


  11. The ocean one doesn’t look so bad but the rest idk. All seems good

  12. a really good animal gave is african savanah WIP

  13. This is the next Level of roblox animal games and my arias Zodiac sign,very cool! 1:39

  14. 𝙉𝙖𝙣𝙙𝙞𝙣𝙝𝙤 𝙜𝙖𝙢𝙚𝙧 𝙤𝙛𝙘 says:

    Prehistoric titans its so cool

  15. one question will prehistoric titans have a year span and when the year span says 65 million years ago will a asteroid ai hit

  16. I am very excited for Yellowstone Unleashed! it looks wonderful and I have seen various tests and such. very excited to play as a wolf, and I am actually a big fan of Yellowstone and it’s wildlife irl. Yellowstone is such a beautiful area with stunning landscapes and beautiful wildlife.

  17. I’m excited for the prehistoric titans, as I am a dinosaur fan and hyped for any upcoming dinosaur survival game. (Some facts about prehistoric titans in this video) the giant alligator is a dinosaur called Deinosuchus. The three horned one is triceratops, the other crest/horned one is parasaurolophus and uhm the trex looking one might be a albertosaurus or just a trex.

  18. Theres already a yellowstone wolf one. Are they made by the same creator?

  19. Omggg all of these are super cool and amezing i need to play all of them

  20. So far the best dino game is all the real prior extinctions

  21. Curious, does anyone know which of these games are for mobile?

  22. Oceanic really getting me excited since I love the sea and animals and all sea creatures are so cool

  23. I feel like there's too many dinosaur games on roblox trying to be realistic. What ever happened to eot revamp

  24. Expectation:
    Reality: 5000 ping and pay 998 robux to unlock this animal

  25. ° 𝓝𝓸𝓸𝓽 ° says:

    Holy- they look so realistic LOL

  26. Will prehistoric titans be for half-mobile like Cenozoic survival? Or no?

  27. prehistoric titans look exactly like the isle, seems like it will come out a little after P.E's gamepasses release in survival mode

  28. The last one already out but in beta so you can be a beta player (tester i guess)

  29. somebody should make a wild desert of wild arctic game

  30. Uh btw why won't animations work on Yellowstone ?

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