Top 3 Upcoming Roblox Animal Games *UPDATED INFO*

The animals were really cool! 😀

-Roblox Group:

Canine Odyssey:
Roblox Group:

Wrath of Nature:

Wild Savannah:

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  1. I can't wait for canine its gonna be the only good dog game I really wanna play it when It comes out like I can be my dog !! I'm so excited and hyped !!

  2. me when i see my cat eating a dead rat: says:


  3. I'm so excited for canine odyssey! the models look absolutely amazing and detailed!

  4. ahhhh! wild savannah is the first realistic savanna game with the actual animals that live within it and now theres gonna be a new animation/animal or something added to the game! ludi has done too much for us! but like he said it isnt for money its for fun!

  5. I love the fact that ik the person who asked ludi smt abt the update, that means that i knew that before u 🙂


  7. There's a nother game called paradise paws coming soon along with harp isles to :] I'm a official CC for Paradise Paws to

  8. I have some more info on WS from a friend who was stalking ludi's comments


    11 days ago

    "No, there are no dates. An update will come in the near future. The update: every animal will have all their basic features, such as locomotion, eating/drinking, resting, combat, swimming, climbing, etc. Some of the listed features will be changed (climbing, combat). You will have the same animals you have now with these updated mechanics. There will also be returning animals from previous versions (baboon, oxpecker, crocodile, elephant, ostrich), and a few new animals (hippo and aardvark). This update is basically a "recode" or "rescript" of the current version of the game. New animals, mechanics, and current animal remodels will be added afterwards in consecutive updates"

    Someone very well could have made this up but who knows

  9. Please, if only Savannah doesn't become paid🙏 I love this game, but due to the "weak" PC, I play on servers with 1-30 people, I hope that my computer will pull it in the future.
    Cool updates are waiting for us, more patience and more GB on the disk😄

  10. I am SO HYPED for the dog GAME. I am INSTANTLY gonna buy the beta as soon as it's out, I'm so hyped idkwhyy

  11. Sorry but the new models are really ugly, i hope the current ws will be saved as a Testing or something.

  12. Imagine ppl rping as a pug
    HI wheeze mAH names CHubs wheeze

  13. I wish I could play wild savanna, it looks so fun!

  14. Wait is the dog one gonna be on mobile or nah?-

  15. so frickin excited for canine odyessy! I LOVE it

  16. i want crocs to come back to wild savannah too

  17. Ludi deleted the discord with a one days notice, shit was chaotic as hell so I just left, people were posting porn, thirst traps and just no

  18. Fun fact: you know who docter hyena is and you saw him in playbox safari dizzy

  19. Wild savannah needs to be available in mobile if that happens it would be the best thing ever

  20. hyenas are more closet related to cats instead of dogs 🤓

  21. I wish i have wild savanna and how it was free a long time ago

  22. I love Wild Savannah, even though I am banned from it. I can still play it on a alt.

  23. I wonder if Xbox Players well be able to Play the Wild savannah Sinces I'm one of the Xbox players but I also play on other devices I'm just wondering if Xbox Players can play the game that's all I think they may had say the Xbox players can or can't not I'm not really sure- q_q

  24. As much as I'm excited for these new games, Wild Savanna will always be my favourite, I made so many memories there. My Wild Savanna Journey started back in 2018 – 2019, I made so many friends there! Still excited for these new games, though.

  25. i am incredibly excited for canine odyssey, because i have canine FEVER-

  26. Congo how do I make my hunting skill in wild savannah better

  27. the fact that pugs and bulldogs aren't unethically bred lol 😂 most are but there is still a standard and many quality pugs and bulldogs.

  28. Canine oddesy will probably be the first game I will buy the beta form of🙂

  29. This is such an underated channel. Great video!

  30. This is ROBLOX for goodness sake! Amazing

  31. canine odyssey is coming out soon!!! im going to be playing that game nonstop for months

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