Top 5 best roblox animal games for mobile! (2021)

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Playbox Safari: (0:07)

Shard Seekers: (0:29)

Testing A (0:56)

Untamed Planet: (1:26)

Holocene Mobile (2:10)


  1. U can’t even play testing a on Xbox the owner just so lazy to any another verion

  2. you can’t playing testing a on mobile,u can spawn animals but can’t move

  3. Aww man why does testing a not have mobile support 🙁

  4. Wild safari and prehistory are my favorite roblox games

  5. Holocene mobile is a terrible game like your channel

  6. In untamed planet there’s no animal sounds emote , no sleep animation it’s just sit and open mouth :/

  7. Testing A/Wild savanna will never be optimised for mobile users so yeh

  8. You forgot Cenozoic survival testing branch (mobiles can only play elk and dire wolf in this game)

  9. Alex has never seen such a masterpiece before

  10. Wild SavannhYou were kicked from this experience: You re account is too new. Error Code: 267😭😭😭Help please

  11. Wild savanna and testing a, aren’t for mobile.

  12. Tbh there’s no point bc all the mobile available games are lame to me and I don’t really like them so I’ll just get a pc and do anybody know what bc I should buy bc one time I played testing A on a pc but it was lagging a lot

  13. I came here to find the untamed planet game BC I forgot it and wanted to play it lol

  14. My top 5

    5. Testing A. Good game but will never be optimized for mobile sorry mobile mates
    4. Untamed Planet: ah yes nothing just rp, but the imagination in the game is SUPER IMPRESSING
    3. Shard seekers: didnt play It so sorry
    2. Playbox safari: Graphics arent that booming but good game, i love being a british officer
    1. Holocene mobile: The absolute best. Research animals, over 40 animals, and the community is hella good. Graphics impressed me

  15. Great video, about Wild Savannah it’ll never be supportive for mobile just so you know, stay safe friend.

  16. I don’t get why shard seekers and untamed planet have made such great models and animations but they use these amazing models in these terrible games it’s just a waste of done really god models and animations

  17. I’m glad untamed planet is on the list bc it’s my favorite

  18. I just want a good looking animal or dinosaur game that looks good with growth on mobile that doesn’t crash every 15 minutes or has weird controls or that is not playable.

  19. I've never seen such a master peace

  20. Bruh why do people only care about graphics, some games don’t need graphics to be good

  21. honestly holocene mobile shouldn't be on the list

  22. They took wild savanna down as soon as I herd of it and I was 😭

  23. ‘Mobile’ for num 3? Btw good vid but I know them all ;,((

  24. U cannot control wild savannah on mobile, but now I know u can play it on mobile.

  25. I play testing and i like to play as birds like lappet faced vulture and doing vulture stuff

  26. I play play box safari every day but now it's not have so many players but still in like it

  27. Even though some may now receive “updates” (yea I am talking to you playbox) none of them are bad or the worst right?

  28. Testing A wont be for mobile ever,it has too many buttons

  29. It’s funny how you said best MOBILE roblox games even though you are clearly using a pc

  30. Yeeeeees Thank I hand my lovely gameeee❤❤❤

  31. And no testing a not for mobile Read description and try to play I have very good phone
    I can't say phone model

  32. Wait wild svannah testing a is for mobile? Guys I well see now

  33. Aw wild svannah testing a is not mobile to my

  34. This is my favorite I am one of the active supporters 1:24
    Untamed Planet

  35. You can't even play half of these on mobile😐

  36. u lying to me it doesn't work why u bi####

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