Top 5 Roblox Upcoming Animal Games You Didn’t Know About

A TOP 5 LIST of the best upcoming animal games coming to Roblox in 2022. There are a lot of unique Roblox animal games that are appearing on the Roblox platform, so make sure to subscribe to the channel so you know when you can play the unreleased Roblox games !

Unnamed Dog Roleplay / Canine Odyssey
Discord Invite: None

Cenozoic Survival
🔗 Game Page:


A Lion’s Pride
🔗 Discord Invite:

Fox Gardens
🔗Discord Invite:
🔗Game Page (CAN’T PLAY YET):

🐺 Join The Wolf Pack 🐺
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💖 Community Server:

⌛ Timestamps ⌛
0:00 – Introduction
0:06 – Number One
0:40 – Number Two
1:22 – Number Three
1:42 – Number Four
2:14 – Number Five
2:40 – Outro

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🎵 Music Used 🎵
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Warm Cup of Golden Milk – Sarah, the Illstrumentalist

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  1. the pride on is copying warrior cats thats thunder clan camp!

  2. I’ll be looking out for these, especially the lion pride one and the dog one.

  3. The dog game is going to be called Canine Odyssey!

  4. Oh god the dog game looks gorgeous! And looks like not another roleplay with flat labrador and boring gameplay

  5. First game: Dog Survivors, Search it up ,that simple.

  6. The lions pride map do be looking like the warrior cats map-

  7. Coppied the warrior cats ultimate edition thunderclan camp-

  8. Th lions pride territory looks a lot like thunder clan.. Ithink They should make it more desert like?

  9. Amazon Ascension is also a great game, it’s in beta so you have to pay 25 robux to play, otherwise than it is a great game.

  10. These don't even look like they are roblox games! I really have to try the 3rd game!

  11. I tried to search up the dog game but I couldn’t find it so I think it’s coming out sooner

  12. I think the dog game should be called life as a dog♡

  13. the first game is fake the real game is warrior cat

  14. About that dog game, when is it goin to be out bc I was searching for it and I coulden't find it?

  15. I have a question,When day or month The Dog Roleplay game Canine Oddssey is Coming on Roblox? Please??

  16. Cenozoic is unplayable for me, just kicks me out of roblox before it loads the game in

  17. In the video of A Lions Pride, they are using the WCUE map it looks like. More specifically the TC map.

  18. What’s this game called please tell me I want to know the Shia looks like a good game please

  19. Yeah, can't wait for them to come out, maybe I can play without crashing or somthin QvQ

  20. I can't find the first game, can you please send a link to the chat?

  21. Is canine oddeyssey is mobile game … ios

  22. I like dog roleplay (Number one) but, it's not real game now

  23. is the dog game only for pc? Or can it be for mobile too?

  24. 2:05 it Does look a lot like wcue the buttons and everything. I have not dove deeper into the games and I want to know if the devs on wcue made this game- 😀

  25. i searched unamed dog roplay i didn't work

  26. OMG!! What is the name of this game!!?😱😱

  27. No encuentro el juego de perros el primero no lo encuentro

  28. I knew about a lions pride
    you can go to the official warriors discord there will be a link to join lions pride
    And you can join the game when they open it for testing
    (Or atleast that’s how I got access to it)

  29. I've played Cenozoic and all I see is people killing their children and being toxic

  30. so lion's pride is basically warrior cats?

  31. i recently got a chance to test out the lion's pride game! i can say it is really incredible so far 🙂

  32. anyone else notice that lions pride is the exact same a wcue but lions??????? i swear-


  34. I will definitely keep a eye out to see when the dog game comes out !!

  35. An how you enter to that game please say me I want to play that game of the dogs on Roblox please 🙏🏻🥺

  36. Dude the lion one the camps are warrior cats-

  37. Number one is like Warrior cats: ultimate edition

  38. Lions pride map looks exactly like warrior cats


    1. I've noticed people straight up ripping footage from this video and re-uploading it without credit, don't do that, it's not cool 🙁

    2. A Lions Pride has the same core developers as WCUE. They're using WCUE's UI as a placeholder (it has its own map now, I've done another video on it).

    3. Upcoming means the games are not out yet. The only playable game on this list is Cenozoic Survival.

    Hope this clears up some stuff!

    **Question of The Video: What game are you excited for? Is there a game you think that should have been on the list?

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