Top 8 Upcoming Animal Survival Games of 2021

Tyrannical Simmo
Top 8 Animal Survival Games Coming Out Soon!
The animal survival genre is growing quickly with some exciting new projects having their debut shortly! Below we have listed 8 survival games that focus on living the life of an animal whether it be modern, prehistoric, or Dragons. While many of these projects are in early development it is exciting to see the genre grow.

Big shout out to Velocci for helping with this video! He covers most of these games on his channel! Be sure to visit his channel and subscribe for the latest updates!

8. Anilife Steam Store Page:
7. Isles of Yore:
Steam Store Page:
6. Historia Discord:
Historia Twitter:
5. The Depths Steam Store Page:

4. Emberfall:
3. Draconia Steam Store Page:
2. Away Steam Store Page:
1. Animalia Discord:

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  1. Hello! I just wanted to say that can you play these games on ps4? 🙂

  2. In the meantime everyone check out Wolfquest anniversary edition! They always release updates/patches and you can finally have pups

  3. I want a game for ps4 that gives me a large world that I can explore freely as an animal. It's so hard to find a fully open animal game lol

  4. I hope most of this games are available for NINTENDO switch

  5. The.igniteds.bonnie.foxy.freddy.chica_ says:

    The depths is a bitck

  6. The.igniteds.bonnie.foxy.freddy.chica_ says:

    The depths is a scamm

  7. I would like android version of animalia so much lol

  8. Gotta tell ya Animalia and The Great Circle are really getting me hyped up for the future!!!

  9. Bro I wish console would get some animal games console is the only thing I have

  10. I’m so happy you made this because I’ve been looking more good graphic games after I was disappointed I couldn’t get genshin impact because of how much storage it took up

  11. My gaming dream is an MMORPG where you start at bacteria (lvl1) and evolve by your choise until human or elephant or lion or depending of all choises until there ( max lvl )

  12. I wish that Animalia had other biomes like forest or rainforest or oceans. That would be amazing

  13. why cant we get a dinosaur surivial game on ps4

  14. 1.5x speed is perfect pace for me. You talk soooo slooooowwwlllyyyy

  15. I'm really excited for Emberfall hopefully the devs don't discontinue it or scam people of their money. I really like how you can be either a dragon or human seems like it will make for an interesting play.

  16. me concerned if their free cause I'm broke

  17. The first one seems really interesting with levels changing what animal you are

  18. Some of these pvp animal games should really make a penalty feature where eating a certain player too fast in one sitting over 2 times will result in something called gluttony and make you rest a whole minute so they can get a head start to find a nook and hide or run away…Alot of these games don't put that into perspective, they don't think about player abuse or they think too much into it. Both ruin the game and make players create rules in the game which gets a ton of innocent players banned for no reason…That makes me quit games when people start making their own crap rules.

  19. Draconia looks like twin of Day of Dragons

  20. Im so hyped for animalia, me being 14 cant buy this game without you know my parents permission, hope to get this game soon, been waiting for a good animal survival game of todays time sense before i had a pc, now to be able to play this game even when its in early development is gonna be fun i feel like

  21. What I hate about the dino sims out there is that pretty much all the dinos are just the generic Jurassic park dinos. 2 legs 2 small forearms. The isle I think now has one flyer and a dino that can spit which is neat. But the majority of dinos have nothing interesting you can do with them. One is just bigger than the other and eats meat. You just run around eating berries or meat and drink water. That was fun for like an hour. I'm looking forward to tree climbing and gliding and just more variety in gameplay than "RUN"

  22. wish my pc was good enough to run animalia.

  23. Really wish games like this would come to console

  24. Damn so when did battle field 2042 release a battle royal

  25. Anilife still isn't out and its 2022 😭

  26. RIP EMBERFALL eradicated off the earth w/o warning or reason

  27. Animalia, i was so let down by all the bugs and the graphics when i bought it. Such a shame.

  28. What was the name of the dinosaur game?

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