Types Of Animal Lovers | DablewTee | WT | Bakra Eid 2022

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  1. Bsti puwu fei urie Syria ufiw friwot ifietiro msfiwotact yeti jets ktu stunt piya 7 kg isfjw Taurus o gefis wifey ehris eifis due tei

  2. The buetty of Quran is that you cannot change its message but it's message can change you🥺

  3. Goat ko dark circles 🤣🤣🤣 Best Line

  4. Bakrey hm se preshan !!! Hm bakro ki keemat se 😊
    Happy Bakra Eid in advance

  5. Pls don't torture animals for ur food… Shame on

  6. Ur all videos r gud, but when u made video on animal meat… It's hurt me ad Iam Animal lover nd can't see them in pain

  7. Aj ya tw wala al-faiz swinning poll sialkot bai-pass pa آئے tha

  8. Desi mom said jerra peo bhar ly k ae ho ….lol moment

  9. You make my day happy. Allah hmy qurbani ki tofeeq de. Ameen

  10. میرے ساتھ جڑ جائیں ابھی بہت آگے جانا ہیے لاکھوں کمانے ہیں آپ نے

  11. Who is waiting fir bakra eid🤗🤗😇😍

  12. You should make at least two more videos for Eid ul azha

  13. Main na bhi apna Bakra ka name shouro rakha ha

  14. Very nice video but agar ap mil kar banae yani taha sayam waleed ali sami hamza to or bhi maza aai……please mil kar video bana ya karein

  15. 😃😃 eid mubarak everone

  16. You guys are really very talented
    MASHALLAH ❤ evil eyes off
    You always make me laugh when I sad

  17. One of the people who support this will be a billion one day """ """"" GOD BLESS YOU """""""""💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕………

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