UPCOMING African Animal Survival Game | The Wild Earth

The EXCITING “The Wild Earth” scoots it’s way to be another African animal survival game! From all the progress seen, this game has the potential of being one of the best!

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  1. If this game doesn't have hyenas, i swear to god

  2. I practically squealed when I saw the cheetah running, it’s been one of my fav animals for a long time and I’ve always wanted a game that looked THIS GOOD where I could play as one (the closest we could ever get was those older phone sim games and they just didn’t cut it, and games like Animalia don’t have a cheetah 😢)

    All of the animals animations and designs look astounding, almost/just about on par with games like The Isle or Path of Titans. I love both games as Dino’s are also super cool but we’ve been missing out on a good animal survival sim game for more modern day animals for a long while, so I’m really glad this is something being worked on!

  3. The game looks stunning but this makes me be a little aware… Is the game really at that point of development they have shown?

  4. It's absolutely unrealistic that a Cheetah is dragging anything around. They are too weak and too lightweight to do so. Same goes for a Lioness dragging a Wildebeest solo…

  5. You need to put in if its gonna be on console or not

  6. This looks far nicer than animalia already! Super excited for the ostrich especially. Any tiny critters planned to be played as like meerkats or gallegos, or birds that are flighted?

  7. This game looks intense i would love to play it

  8. Holy crap this looks Good, looks like a now age the isle

  9. My best game ever
    My dream game
    Can't wait

  10. Finally a realistic animal survival game, I've been waiting so long for this.

  11. looks stunning ima qa tester for the game so i will let u guys know how good it is on my channel

  12. I am hoping this game looks as good as presented and not a disappointment like other african animal survival games that I have tried playing in the past. High hopes for this game im crossing my fingers so hard that they might fuse together!

  13. Okay so will it be on mobile or console like path of titans

  14. This game looks amazing i hope the game came to Console ps5 / ps4 and xbox

  15. Will it be on new gen consoles or pc only 🙄

  16. This looks beautiful! Excited for it to come out!

  17. this just looks like a slightly better version of animalia survival lmao

  18. Wow now we have a competitor to compete with Animalia 👀🤌

  19. wait until " the hunter" comes out they have gorillas

  20. Would this game be on mobile?

  21. lol, this is like wild savannah in roblox

  22. I bet 10 dollars that kids are going to complain about being kosed or killed.

  23. If there is single player and npc animals then I am down I love path of Titian’s but it’s still in beta

  24. Will it ever come to consoles?
    I’m tired of every animal simulator game being only on steam😭 except from path of titans

  25. This beats Animalia and it's still in development. I really hope everything turns out well for this game.

  26. This game looks great! but in my opinion some of the animations look a bit stiff of couse this isnt even out yet so im sure that will change!

  27. it looks like Wild Savanna but way more realistic

  28. i really hop this game does not fail this is def gonna be the isle but i would say less popular since its just animals
    btw how will they update the game? thats the thing that could kill the game

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