Upcoming Animal Survival game : Artemishea – Steam Trailer

Artemishea is a upcoming animal survival game Developed by Opendix (Me)

For a chance to play it free and before anyone else please follow the discord link, and you may have a chance to be in the Official Gameplay Trailer and have your name printed in the end scene!
➡️Game Information:
The goal of the game is to spawn into a world filled with other online players, they can be any range of species people are playing as, from raccoons to Red Deer to Tigers. There’s plenty of options to select from, The main game mode is Progression, You survive for X amount of time you gain enough points and progress on to the next tier. Example: Elk progresses to Moose. So you start from a low tier animal and progress your way to the biggest, or stay as the animal of your choice.

(You can find a list of all animals on my discord server, link below)

Along with that there will be a small dev map and sandbox to allow players to mess about with the game mechanics and enjoy all animals without the risk of being killed and loosing hours of progress.

The game is built on Realism and Mystery. You don’t know why you’re here as an animal or why you are on this piece of main land with tigers on a rolling hills like landscape? There’s some hidden mystery’s to why things are the way they are or why there is so many different variations of animals on this one piece of land. Well that’s not for me to tell you, but for you to discover over time of playing this game. Make sure to fully finish the video

Adapt, survive, over-come and most importantly it’s your perseverance.


Artemishea: A Rugged World to Survive in

Artemishea is build on the principle of being a realistic open world animal survival game where the player takes control of a creture and attemps to survive within their environment. Explore a vast and beautiful landscape, from the rocky regions to the lakes, valleys, mountains and even to the sky. Along with this and well everything there is some mystery behind it to be uncovered through out game-play and over time.

Make the gameplay your own. There is nothing stopping you from altering gameplay, Each time you step into this unforgiving world it can be a far different gameplay experience from the last time you played, There is a limitless amount of different gameplay to be taken from this game, The journey is yours. But be aware, If you die you will start all over again, No matter how many hours you put in surviving to make it to your goal creature it can be taken in single moment by poor judgement. It’s brutal out there and who knows what exactly is lurking in the dark.

Massive online multiplayer:
Finding your creature. When logging into a server you will be given options of what creatures you can become, From small Rabbits and Raccoons all the way to Rhino’s and Tiger’s. As anything predatory you will need to hunt and survive which mean’s taking on other players with their own set of skills for fending off attackers, That hunt might be your last. You can also scavenge off other victims, But be aware of any near by predators that might kill you for coming so much as 20 feet near their food.

Engaging with other online players. You will be in a server of 100+ other online player’s looking to survive just like you. Who knows what they just went through prior to you joining but they may or may not be dangerous. Trusting other predators might get you killed and turned into dinner.

Game Modes:
Prior to joining servers you will see what game modes the server is hosting. Sandbox or Progression. Sandbox is what it seems, No punishment for dying and no lengthy progression time, Select your animal and spawn into the world and have fun, No risk no reward.

Progression on the other hand only allows for players to spawn in as a low tier animal first (Example: Raccoon – Fox – Wolf – Bear) So on and so forth, Each tier requires points to reach it. In order to progress from Raccoon to Fox the player will need to gain a certain amount of points within the server to do so, Each minute is a single point so if the player starts as a Raccoon and the Fox requires 45 Points you will need to stay alive for 45 minutes then you can progress to the Fox, And the cycle continues until you reach your goal animal. As mentioned before if you die you will start over from the beginning and restart your journey again. But it’s a massive achievement once you make it there.

➡️Steam store page:

Join discord for more information, ask questions or to get new information/news and for the upcoming release date:

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  1. My question was not answered it seems. Why are there species of animals in the same biome that wouldn't naturally go together? A moose and a Leopard would never be in the same environment… and only a SIberian Tiger would be around Elk not Bengal tigers which the bought model is made after.

  2. Freaking A was that Bigfoot or something at the end there?!

  3. Aaaaaaand WISHLISTED, based on music alone.

  4. Will cheetahs be in this game and do u have an dicord?

  5. It’s like “The Isle” but it takes place in the present… I like seeing more games having this multiplayer survival aspect!

  6. Is this game gonna come to mobile????

  7. Well hello a new game to play 8 hours a day

  8. Finally a survival animal game with progression and not growth. Like that so much more.

  9. It looks very peaceful. One thing that is fun about “the isle” is how terrifying it is. I hope they find a way to make this game realistically challenging. Not a huge fan of the animals who aren’t generally in the same ecosystem being together though. Hopefully they find a way to have that make sense. Looks promising, hopefully it’s good!

  10. the game looks amazing but personally, the realism aspect of the game doesn't really make sense

  11. Really looks intressting! Looking forward to try out the game! ^^

  12. I would 100% buy this game when I comes out

  13. I like it but the whole animals from different ecosystem thing isn’t great

  14. Beautiful, but I wish the biomes were separate. Seeing leopards hunt moose and a tiger eat an elk is a bit off putting

  15. It be cool if there was primitive humans in there lol

  16. Looks pretty sweet, dude! I'll check it out tomorrow when you release it on Steam!

  17. Awesome OpenDix, I think you know me from your discord server!

  18. Leopard attacking moose and tiger eating moose carcass lol

  19. i can see that this game has potential in it

  20. Bought assets
    Spelling mistakes in promotional material
    If The Depths taught me anything is that these are not good signs.

  21. Hello Opendix. I have a question. Are there some computer controlled animals?

  22. This game it's making my crying because it's so beautiful and so good…
    Love youu developer❤❤❤❤


  24. What's the difference between this and anemilia survival

  25. I got the game yesterday it’s fun but some people don’t like these kind of games I personally love making friends throughout the game!

  26. dang dude. i didnt realize your game was out already :O glad to see its coming along

    to remind you of who I am, I was Anal Crusader on steam xD

  27. I bought this one as soon as I saw it, because I immediately realized two things.

    1. This game will get better with each update!
    2. This idea already deserves respect!

    I will believe in you!! developers ♥

  28. This is so relaxing, I could watch this forever

  29. Just wondering if there will be like cubs or can we have children in this game? I understand that would be hard to make with the progression stages and everything. But like when you're just starting and you get an invite to like a rhino's "nest" you would have skipped a lot of progression stages. Or can you only invite people that are the same animal like you in that current moment? Or will there be AI children, but overall this game looks AMAZING! So yea I am just wondering if we had a chance to raise our own children.

  30. i hope its not like the old isle where you have to start from a rabbit then go to a grizzly or something. and also different maps should have different animals. for example the mountains and forest map will have bears moose wolves elk ect. and the savanna has leopards lions hippos rhinos. and the jungle has tigers gorillas and stuff like that

  31. Wow.. this game is beautiful! However, I think it’s a bit odd to have so many animals from different biomes all in one place. It’s interesting, and allows more variety, but I think it’s really unrealistic to have a bear and rhino in the same area. Otherwise, it looks amazing!

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