We Survived 24 Hours In The Jungle

Beta Squad
We Survived 24 Hours In The Jungle! Which Beta Squad member do you think will escape first?
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  1. I'm concerned, why do they always hate on AJ in all their vids 🥲

  2. niko and chunkz were at a disadvantage from the start tbf

  3. Nah “and most importantly Aj’s family” is a violation

  4. Chunks was like ahh niko touching me got me dying

  5. AJ i wanna try scare them then proceeds to start moaning 😂

  6. Ain't no way chunkz was in unsworth 2day 😭😭😭😭😭

  7. The robot sound be sounding like David Attenborough 😂

  8. 'NIKOOOO IS TOUCHING ME OWWWWW' got me dyin😂😂

  9. Why did they only record the monkeys the whole time i wanted to see other animals 😢

  10. why does the narrator sound like the stanley parabel guy

  11. Chunkz shouting nikos touching me has me cryinggggg😂😂😂😂

  12. I haven’t really laugh at anything on YouTube but these be making me laugh all of their videos does😂

  13. Bro the funny part is where niko and sharky had to sleep outside on the hammocks

  14. Nah at 17:41 at nics retreat they were only 2hr and 9min away from my house tf!!

  15. Mate that’s no jungle that’s a bush. GOOD LUCK

  16. day 1 of asking if they are going to bring back mafia

  17. No animals even wanted to eat that food overnight 💀

  18. I saw Kenny in London at Heathrow airport July 13

  19. these five friends travelling across the world and having fun making video content and getting paid, they are living their best lives frfr

  20. What's the point of a car if it can't drive on a rock 😂 Ikr

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