Who is the Strongest Animal in Far Cry 5?

In this Far Cry 5 Arcade Battle we will discover who is the strongest animal in Far Cry 5.
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  1. WTF!? Cougar killed panther!? Do you know that panthers are largest, aggressive,have longer and sharper claws and teeth than cougar.. and panther wins in agility, durability, exsperience…


    Strenght: panther 2-0

    Agility: panther 4-0

    Inteligence: draw 6-2

    Battle IQ
    Better fighter: panther 8-2

    Weight: cougar 8-3

    Height: panther 9-3

    Bite: panther 10-3

    Fighting exsperience: panther 11-3

    Exsperience: panther 12-3

    Cannies: panther 13-3

    Sharper claws: panther 14-3

    Longer claws: panther 15-3

    Climb: panther 16-3

    Better hunter: panther 17-3

    Final round😈:

    Hax: panther 18-3

    BIQ: panther 19-3

    Big paws: panther 20-3

    Large: panther 21-3

    Panther wins High-diff🥇🏅🎖️

  2. No way an 2000 lb moose is running from an black bear💀

  3. This is a highly inaccurate game a moose would kill a bear

  4. دائمن القتال الثاني يكون كيس ماعدى الذيب ضد الكلب

  5. Almost all of the comments are talking about the inaccuracies but aside from that its just a game and its pretty good looking

  6. Black bears are smaller than grizzlies .

  7. Is this a game because if it is it looks interesting

  8. Ain’t no way a bear could kill a bison.

  9. Bro the cat sang I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky.

  10. In real life a wolverine would beat a pitbull most of the time

  11. Okay – no. A bull bison weighs 2000 pounds average. That's a HUGE bull. An adult grizzly bear can't even knock over a YEARLING bison. That grizzly bear would have been slaughtered.

  12. The black bear is never beating the brown bear in 1 on 1

  13. A wolf unless he has rabbies will escape from bull. Wolf knows alone he has no chance agains the bull

  14. If we would be logical here, moose can destroy bears (could still go either way), and bears should be beating the cats here all the time, bears are often underestimated, a single maul from them can get tigers and lions killed, and thats just 1 hand, a single hand of bear can destroy pretty much anything that gets hit by it, and i dunno why wolves arr also underestimated, no pitbull can take on a wolf, just so you know that even the small wolf species arrw bigger than huskies, bigger ones can be very strong, a pack of bigger wolves such as dire wolves and timber wolves are more unstoppable than a hyena crowd, a pack of wolves are some of the only creatures able to stop big bears that could kill someone in a single attack

  15. Realistic, the turkey would have sent them all to the heavens

  16. at this point i feel like the devs that make the animal ai for far cry 5 are just being biased to carnivores a black bear wins against a moose in reality a fucking moose weighs double the weight of an black bear and i'd never been to Canada but man those moose are a hell of a pain and in the beginning of the video a bison died to a fucking bear which is nearly impossible when you look at the weight balance bisons are over double the weight of bears and the devs for this game went "fuck it i like bears more" and just made them win and THERE'S NO FUCKING WAY A BEAR COULD BRING DOWN A FUCKING MOOSE AND A BISON THATS DOUBLE ITS OWN FUCKING WEIGHT to add more to the stupidity of the far cry devs they made a cougar win against a bear which is ridiculous as a ostriches fighting a elephant so in my conclusion i would rate it a 97/10 for its stupidity and lack of research done into it its so stupid to the point i wanna jump off a building

  17. I believe if the dog is at its full potential of strength and durability I think it has a chance high diff

  18. Bison would have killed the bear considering that the muscles in there neck give the impact of it's head extreme power which is why bears attacking bison especially bulls like moose is only mostly when the bear needs food or is just hungry for bison meat but even then the bison still would have a higher chance of a win.

  19. КАКАЯ ЧУШЬ!!!! Значит бизон не одолел медведя, а бычара (неизвестно как он там называется) завалил мишку без особого трудища

  20. I like how this shows a differect reaction and result from each one even from the same species and in a similar fight, in reality that's how it really is, only didn't find good they losing to a single tackle.

  21. This is so unrealistic turkey solos every fight and the SHEER AUDACITY THAT THEY HAD to make turkey lose 😤

  22. Puma got thrown like a rocket launcher 💀💀

  23. Cougars always snd bears running 7/10 bears are wimps

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