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Wolf Simulator – Animal Games By Pocket Games Entertainment
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Description : Wolf Simulator – Animal Games By Pocket Games Entertainment‏‏
Do you like games about animals where you can feel yourself like a real wild beast? Reincarnate in a wolf and feel the whole forest life for free? Then “Wolf Simulator Evolution” is a great option for you! Play offline (without an internet connection) or online, and enjoy realistic graphics!

Features of the application “Wolf Simulator Evolution”

Play, hunt, unlock new locations and animals. Use different online game modes in our game. You can fight in a battle mode on the battle ground and lead a peaceful life learning various wolf’s skills and equiping wolf’s lair. Not cool enough? Then add tattoos on your wolf, change skins and trails. Make your wolf pack to go hunting with them and complete quests together. All animals are so realistic that will make you feel you play in a real world of wild animals.

In our game such modes are available for you for free:

1. An online animal simulator. Here you can fight against various opponents from around the world.

2. The system of various quests. Bored to play without a goal? Then take interesting quests in the wolf’s lair and complete them one by one either in online mode (when there is a Wi-Fi or other Internet connection) or without the Internet. Rewards are waiting for you.

3. A role system. Choose your style of a stimulator game and learn skills that are most useful for you in the wildlife.

4. An appearance choice. Be unique! Choose a type of a wolf. A gray, red or even an arctic one and pump it to your taste.

5. Play with friends online. Meet your friends or family in the game and invite them to join a team. It is more fun to fight together in PVP or get new rewards in a peaceful life. You can also hang out with other players in the chat and you won’t get bored.

6. Different game modes. Learn the world of animals through the game. Find hares, wild boar or fox, deer, moose and even bears in the hunting grounds. You can fight with all of them in the hunting grounds. Besides you can take a part in a pack vs pack of wild wolves battle in real time via Wi-Fi or other Internet connection. Don’t want to fight? Chat with other wolves in a peaceful mode.

Our role-playing RPG game “Wolf Simulator Evolution” was created by Pocket Games Entertainment specifically for your phone or tablet. Download it right now and start your journey through the world of wildlife. Discover new hunting grounds in our simulators online, evolve your own wolf, improve yourself more and more with each game. Do everything in order to become the best and show a master class in online PVP (against other players) battles. Play with friends, family or other players from around the world and show them all who is a real leader of the pack
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